Power cords?

Intrigued by the thought of adding aftermarket power cords to my modest HT components.
Current power cords appear to be hard wired.
Denon avr-1803
Polk Audio powered sub psw-350
Can it be done?
Would it be a waste of my time?
Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.
I'm one of the guys that totally believe in the value of power cords but that being said, your money might be better spent in other places. Audiogon members could suggest once we know details about your system and what you wish you could change.

Best bang for the buck in power cord is to spring for a used Cardas or other name brand here at Audiogon. If you don't feel the improvement's worth your investment you can probably resell for what you paid.

In response to your other question about fixed cords. If your current gear has 100% hard wired cords and your not a tech, may be best to wait until you upgrade your gear to pieces that have "plug and play" IEC connectors.
you could try mapleshade & auralsymphonics they both sell kits to to put detachable power cords to hard wired cords
Marakan, are you simply listening to music these days and not power cords?
I recently tried an upgrade that is useful for fixed power cords, Lloyd Walker's wipe on SST (super silver treatment) signal enhancer, which comes with supply of excellent applicators (which could do double duty as cosmetic eye makeup applicators). It also "upgrades" interconnects, making purchase of new wires less urgent, if you have a yen to better your system's performance.
I also plugged my older components, with their fixed power cords, into the top of the line Mapleshade power strip, and was pleased how this improved the overall performance throughout the entire frequency range
By the way, there is a lower priced wipe on signal enhancer, SilClear, with a description resembling that of the Lloyd Walker SST product, but without the extra supply of special applicators, on the Mapleshade Records website.
I to have fixed cords. Looked into replacing them was very expensive to add IEC adapter. I settled for the power wraps that are sold at various places on audiogon. I put one on each component @ $25.00 per. Even my wife could hear the difference they really work. Made system quieter or blacker as some people call it, and improved my sound stage. I even used them on components that had removable cables. Try one or two for your self and post your experience. I curious if anyone have used them and with what results.
I'll put in my vote for SilClear. Less expensive than the Walker SST with very good results on power cords, IC's, speaker cables etc. I even have a friend who is putting it on his lightbulbs! Listener57, I don't have any experience with the Walker SST product but I did find the special applicators at my local drugstore, in my case Walgreen's. Look in the make-up section. They are for applying eye makeup. They work well with SilClear also.
Cheers, Greg
I too tried the Highwire power wraps on the stock power cords of my Directv HDTV receiver (a Samsung T160) and my receiver. They work well, are inexpensive, and made a very nice improvement to the video picture.
I replaced mt HDTV fixed cords. Interestingly, inside it was cleat that fixed couds were after thought. They were MADE for real cables, naking putTing in IEC easy. An the picture upgrade was amazing.

Have also done with audio, but better audio tends to have detachable but splicing good gotd in is both easy and helpful.