Power Failure on playing music.

Hi. i was just wondering what the effects would be on speakers when playing music at loud volumes in the event of a sudden power failure. though quite rare, power failures do occur in the uk. i would imagine insurance would not cover this kind of damage. any thoughts? Thank you.
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Since we cant predict either an outage or danger to any given system just enjoy the ride. Not playing system during wind events and storms is about the xtent of precaution one can take.
Depending on the amp configuration and the volts/current being pushed at the instant, it could generate a large square wave spike which could take out a tweeter if there was significant high frequency harmonics in the spike.
I think the risk is not the power failure itself but the potential power surge when the power is restored. I would expect the risk to be at least as great for the electronics as for the speakers.
i have had power failure playing vinly on more than one occasion and have been lucky - no damage - it is an abrupt bummer however...