Power for Innersound Isis

Are there any Isis users out there that can tell me what kind of power they are using on these speakers.I talked to Rodger and he thinks I need alot more power than my Rogue 88 will put out. any thoughts. Greg
If you talked with him, I'm sure he recommended his power amp as well. I know two Innersound speaker owners who are very happy with the Innersound amp. If you can afford it, worth an audition.
Yes, that what he said, he also said all amps sound alike under controled double blind test as long as the amps weren`t clipping and the levels were match, they would sound the same tube or solid state,he said he could prove it.!!!!!!!! The amp I have sounds fine , but it make me wonder sometimes if the amp is clipping, but because its a tube unit I may not hear it as well as a solid state amp. Greg
That's Roger, all right! I don't have the guts to take him up on his challenge myself. Although tube amps tend to clip more gracefully than solid state, you'd probably notice the sound becoming "hard", or congested or glarey, on loud passages or transients if the amp is starting to clip. I'm really not particularly technical, but my admittedly limited understanding is that the problem with electrostats is that they have difficult impedance levels at different frequencies, making them tough for many amplifiers to drive and causing some frequency response aberations as a result. Roger's amps are specifically designed to drive those types of loads. Maybe someone with more knowledge on this point, or specific experience with the Rogue and stats, could comment further. However, if your amp sounds fine as you say, I wouldn't worry much about it at this point, just enjoy the music!
get the InnerSound ESL amp. you'll like it. i know i do and Russ knows that as well. i tried some Quicksilvers with my Isis and they failed to deliver the best out of them. InnerSound amp is well worth the money and keep in mind the Isis are voiced with the ESL amp.
Iasi, I hear what your saying ,but Rodger says that all amps sound the same under controled test, so how could the speaker be VOICED with that amp if all amps sound the same? I will search one of these amps out to make sure, I do like the sound of these very much . I believe they will reward me very nicely for my effort in finding the right amp for them, but as I said before the Rogue does sound very good with these speakers, they might not have enough power to do them justice. Will see . Greg