Power Line Pillow

Do any of you use Blue Circle's Power Line Pillow (noise hound - Model B86mkII)?

At what level would you state its effectiveness in improving the sound of an audio system based on the following scale? (I live in an apartment building which is fairly old and for the time being cannot afford a line conditioner)

1. outstandingly effective
2. very effective
3. moderately effective
4. mildly effective
5. not at all effective

Any further details would be greatly appreciated.

I use a BC85.1 which I think is a powerline pillow with 5 outlets. I purchased it because at the time I lived in an old apartment and the sound was hazy during the day. Plugging in the 85.1 immediately took the hardness out of the upper frequencies. Dynamics were actually improved and the whole system became quieter and...more intimate?? Pretty neat product. I may sell it eventually to try ot Gilbert's Music Ring product. I woudl give it a 2. It did help things along, and now that I've moved I'm going to try and A/B with it in the system and out.

I was toying around with it at CES, Blue Circle had a demo where they plugged in a noise sensing machine into an outlet, it was buzzing and humming along. Plug in the Pillow into an adjacent outlet and the noise went away. Completely. Apparently using multiple Pillows helps even more, the effect is additive. I spoke to Gilbert about the Pillow at length, he uses high quality polypropolene capacitors to filter out the grunge from the line. Gilbert is an approachable, honest, intelligent, and enthusiastic music-lover. At the price he sells the Pillows for, you can't go wrong trying one out.
I use the Blue Circle Noise Hound in my system.Bought it on line from Walt Stanger.I almost returned it as it caused sibilance and a degree of harshness to eminate.Tried it in my various dedicated lines,and in various unused outlets of my Tice Solo line conditioners with poor results.Then the last position I tried was the outlet nearest my dedicated lines.Using it here on the dirtier lines made a signicant improvment even though none of my stuff is plugged into these lines.My advice would be to try one from someone with say a 30 day money back trial period.Then experiment with various placment postions.Seems to work its best when utilized on dirty lines,at least that was my experience.Mines a keeper now.
Yes..Denman is on to something. Try various placements. I've found that I could alter the effect of the Noisehound(s) by changing what outlets were used.

This is definitely the case when plugging one into a conditioner. Some conditioner outlets (like the digital ones) are designed to issolate that component from the rest of the system. So if you plug a BC86 into an unused issolated outlet, the BC86 might not do much of anything, solely because you have just issolated the BC86 from the dirty power it is suppose to clean.

In general like Denman sais: some outlets the BC86 had no effect, and in others a large effect. So when I read posts where someone sais they don't do anything, I usually think they tried one plug and gave up.

The change is also more noticeable after you get use to the sound of your system, and then remove them. It is harder to notice the change when first plugging them in.

I am one of those people who bought two BC86 MK2 and didn't like it very much.

I did install these at almost every conceiveable outlet in my apartment including the outlets on my powerbar.

The only difference I heard is a very minor subdueing in the higher frequency that made the music sound less live.

As in all things, personal taste matters more than anything. I find the BC86 removes unnatural grain and other noise from the sound that certainly makes the highs less. But it is less of a bad thing for my taste. To my ears the reduced noise improves "space" between instruments and the imaging.

Viggens comments are still just as valid as mine. Loose (Steve's) taste may be not be like mine either. Viggen may also be blessed with cleaner power, or has gear that has some built in filtering in the power supply. The Blue Circle BC3 Galatea Preamp basically has a power pillow built in.

If you are unsure whether to dish out $100 for a BC86 (two are better), then try to borrow some. I personally am not afraid to resell something I don't like. The small loss is worth the convenience of trying something at home in my system.

There is also the similar Audio Prism things for $25 each. I find they work better sharpening a video image, than improving audio. You really need to buy 4, which is about the same performance as one BC86. The one advantage is you can spread them around the house/apartment to more outlets.

From personal experience I find many audiophile systems have highs not usually present in a live setting. I have friends who swear their systems sound like live music; but I know for a fact they have not attended a live music concert in 5 years or more. So how do they really know? For me I hear anywhere from 2.5 to 10 hours a week of live music of the type I play at home.
Y'know Sugar, I've had a couple of those "Audio Prism things" (QuietLines) in use for a few years now, but I was never convinced they made any difference that I could detect. After I moved last year, I just sort of reflexively reinstalled them when I set up the system in the new room (they're so cheap, I'd never bothered with reselling them). A few months went by, and one day I noticed I had actually only installed one of them and then forgot about the other one. So I fished it out and did a little experimenting figuring it was time again, since my system was now not only in a different house, but also had been upgraded quite a bit during the meantime. And what do you know? Lo and behold, I discovered they now make a slight but perceptible improvement in overall cleanliness and ease - and that despite the fact that I'm now using a better PLC and PC's than before. Just shows to go ya...
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