Power Regen/Conditioner for single Amp

I have a Pass Labs INT-60.

I'm considering getting a power conditioner/Regen for it.

I had a PSAudio P15 but sold it as part of a downsizing effort.

It seemed a bit much to have the P15 with just my integrated plugged into it.

Does anyone have a recommendation for something that would do the job for a single Amp/component?

As with the P15 I would think Im paying extra $$$ for a bunch of plugins I don't need

Thank you


Depends how concerned you are with longer term voltage fluctuations.

If that's not a big worry, I like the Furman Elite series if you want a rack sized device, a strip with LiFT and SMP otherwise.

If voltage sags or overages are a concern, get a Furman with LiFT, SMP and voltage regulation. 



I don’t know much about power regenerators, but the need for momentary high current peaks was on my mind when I purchased my power conditioner.  In the Shunyata line of conditioners the Denali would be the downsized condition with only three isolated circuits, but can handle high momentary current draws.