Power Regen/Conditioner for single Amp

I have a Pass Labs INT-60.

I'm considering getting a power conditioner/Regen for it.

I had a PSAudio P15 but sold it as part of a downsizing effort.

It seemed a bit much to have the P15 with just my integrated plugged into it.

Does anyone have a recommendation for something that would do the job for a single Amp/component?

As with the P15 I would think Im paying extra $$$ for a bunch of plugins I don't need

Thank you


I don’t know much about power regenerators, but the need for momentary high current peaks was on my mind when I purchased my power conditioner.  In the Shunyata line of conditioners the Denali would be the downsized condition with only three isolated circuits, but can handle high momentary current draws.

Depends how concerned you are with longer term voltage fluctuations.

If that's not a big worry, I like the Furman Elite series if you want a rack sized device, a strip with LiFT and SMP otherwise.

If voltage sags or overages are a concern, get a Furman with LiFT, SMP and voltage regulation. 



Well I didn't keep my P15 which is what I have started this thread.

My DAC and Streamer are on the other side of the room plugged into a PSAudio P3 Regen.

Should have kept the P15.

Buy a used P10.


PS  why isn't your dac, streamer, TT etc plugged into it.  I have Dac, streamer, upscaler, 5 linear power supplies for Roon Core, upscaler and DAC, PS for network switch, all plugged into mine.