Power Stabalizers/Regenerators. I'm Confused...

Ok, my system is a headphone system. Maybe one of the best ever put together. It consists of:

Player: Harmonix Reimyo CDP-777

Headphone Amp: Maxed Out Singlepower SDS-XLR (A two box completely balanced monster amp with one box for the power supply and the other for the actual amp section).

Headphones: Sony MDR-R10s (Among others, but these are my crown jewel).

Cables: Virtual Dynamics Revelations ICs, and PCs.

The only thing missing is the Power Conditioning but I'm very confused. See, I live in the middle of the city. That whole thing about night watching/listening being much better is so true around here as everyone running heat/air and electricity during the day no doubt screws up the amount of AC voltage delivered to our house and we get power surges all the time - this summer we've had nearly 1 or 2 a day).

So I really need to do something about it, but I can't decide which route would be best. I've been considering:

Monster AVS2000 Voltage Stabalizer - Keeps 120 volts constantly running through the system. Sounds really nice, opinions?

PS Audio 300/500 - Power Regenerator, takes incoming AC, turns it to DC, then back to balanced, regenerated AC. Not sure how useful this would be with an Amp that already has a monstrous power supply and a player that no doubt has a nice power supply of its own. Opinions?

Shunyata Hydra 8 for the whole system, Shunyata Hydra 6 for player and 2 for amp - Not sure which setup would be better. I heard it's best to keep your digital and analog components seperate so maybe splitting them up with the Hydras (the 2 for the amp and 6 for the player) would be best? Opinions?

Audio Magic Transcendece - I've also heard great things about Audio Magic's line of Power Conditioners and their Transcendence beast looks mighty nice. I'm also guessing since the Digital and Analog sides are completely isolated (even requiring two cords) that plugging both in wouldn't be a problem. Opinions?

Any help/opinions would be appreciated. What combo does everyone think would be best. Would the PS300/500 do any good with my system? How about the AVS2000? Compared with the PS300/500? And what about the Hydras compared to Audo Magic's line? Also, what would be the signal path here? Wall -> ? -> ? -> player/amp.

I suggest you try one or two as they all seem to effect each system sonics differently. Take advantage of the 30 day trial some have. I use passive conditioning for my amps along with regeneration and conditioning for all my sources as this has worked best for my system. Dedicated lines are another thing to look into if your looking to get the best from your system IMO.
You can get a local electrician to do this or you can visit your local high end shop and maybe they can refer some body. Do a search here and over at AA and you will find lots of info.
Ok thanks.

I am thinking of buying and trying several of these components (plus a Nordost Thor) from MusicDirect along with some Valhalla Power Cords and using the 30 Day Return Policy. Maybe by then I can get a good idea what sounds like what in my system.