Power switch substitution for Marantz 2270

I have an opportunity to pick up a nice Marantz 2270 receiver for reasonable price. Problem is it has a broken power switch which I am told it a four pole switch. I currently have a Marantz 2238 receiver with an operational power switch with round switch button cover. Any chance this would work on the 2270?
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I think you mean a 2235? I believe that is a single pole switch. You could use a single pole switch and wire the A.C. outlets in the back unswitched all the time, i.e. hot. The second pole of the switch on a 2270 switches an A.C. outlet at the rear of the receiver. I never like using those anyway. I believe Radio Shack has a single pole switch that might work although I don't know if will allow you to use the gold button cover as it's an illuminated switch. BTW power switch issues on 2270's are commonplace.
HifiEngine has the diagrams for both. They have a different number listed, but it doesn't look like a true part number, unless they list parts by each model individually. One is listed as S003, to other S001. They both appear to be a double pole. The 2270 has the second half switching the outlet. The 2238 has the other half switching a B+ voltage for some reason. If it fits physically, and has a high enough amperage rating, it might work. Links to them. [http://www.hifiengine.com/manuals/marantz/2238.shtml][http://www.hifiengine.com/manuals/marantz/2270.shtml]
I found a switch for 2270 on ebay that works very well and its a perfect fit. You may want to look for it there. It was $13.99 I believe, and just works.
Whatever you do when you get the 2270, be sure to open it up and clean the relay.
Yes I'm doing that on Monday. I did rebuild the protection board with all new caps. This unit has FM Stereo issues, i.e. no stereo light. The bulbs are good. The FM bulb is also out and I'm wondering if that's the reason the Stereo light won't come on. The muting circuit is also messed up. It mutes everything regardless of where the rear adjustment is. Since the owner isn't interested in FM, and doesn't want to spend the money to troubleshoot it, I'm probably going to leave it as is. Amp puts out 100Wrms across 8 ohms one channel driven.
That switch on Fleabay may not be a perfect fit. There is a repair site that shows what appears to be the same universal switch. The hole spacing may be different, and the shaft part that the knob/button slides on also. You may have to do some modifications to make it fit. They have another one for $7.75 that looks like it has a wider screw spacing, but the shaft is thinner (their description) too. Just a heads up. Links if they work.[http://tiber63.com/marantz-2270-power-switch-replacement#!/][http://www.ebay.com/itm/Power-Switch-Marantz-Model-1060-Marantz-2270-and-others-BRAND-NEW-/330676882112?pt=Vintage_Electronics_R2&hash=item4cfde0cac0][http://www.ebay.com/itm/Marantz-Power-Switch-OEM-Quality-It-just-works-/170766737025?pt=Vintage_Electronics_R2&hash=item27c27d9e81]
The ebay one worked fine. Already installed. The sub plate on this receiver has multiple holes for different switch screw width spacing....End cap installed with shims.