powercord for nagra CDP

any good suggestion
Kk, With such a fine CDP such as you have I would suggest to check out the offerings from Locus Design. I own 2 different PC from them and they are very netural as well as being outstanding performers. Contact Lee and ask him some questions he's very personalble and highly commited to neturality in the presentations of that his products provide to say I'm happy with them is a true understatement, in fact I'm still working on comming up with the cash to upgrade my current PC (Polestar) that I use with my ARC CD-2 with his Nucelus PC. He is well woth the look.
I'd suggest a used MIT Oracle AC1 or AC2. The improvements will not be subtle;they're a steal at the used prices. Joe Abrams has been very patient, informative and helpful.
Happy listening.Pete