Powered Bluetooth speakers under $600

I have a very nice setup for my primary system, with Golden Ear Triton one speakers.
I just bought a Bluesound node 2i (no internal amp) to start enjoying streaming, Qobuz, internet radio etc. Of course I can plug that into the back of my amp.

But I would like to buy a pair of powered speakers that would sit in my library, and use the node 2i via Bluetooth connection to those speakers. I know I will not get the sound of Triton One’s that are in my living room; but I would like pretty good sound, with bluetooth connection from Node 2i to the speakers. And some reasonable amount of bass. No need to shake the walls at all. 

I am willing to spend up to $600 for the pair. I have read about Kanto YU5 and YU6, Klipsch 51 (Lowe end is only 67 Hz?); These days, challenging to go into a store to listen to and compare speakers.

Does anyone have suggestions for a pair of powered bluetooth speakers for $600 that will be satistfying without the need for a subwoofer? I guess I could spend a bit more if it would bring sound to a new level.
The Audioengine line of speakers should work well.The Audioengine A5+ to be exact.

Peachtree Audio "Deep Blue".NEVER heard a BT speaker like it & you only need 1...Dynaudio has a reputation for superb bass in VERY small speakers & has several BT speakers I believe...
I had the KANTO YU-5s. The first pair failed within a month, so KANTO. replaced them under warranty and the 2nd set worked  fine for 2years.
I sold them because the TRIANGLE WIRELESS BLUETOOTH BOOKSHELF SPEAKER – SENSA SN01A was a step up in soundstage, punch, and dynamics.
Highly recommended 


I have brand new A stock Scansonic M5 BTLs listed here for $525.  It was a special from the factory as they are normally $1000.  They are a darn nice pair of speakers with a 50w Class AB amp and the Bluetooth works extremely well.  

They go to 55hz so aren't going to give you the best bass response but not terrible.  Typical for a smallish bookshelf.  They have a nice sounding ribbon tweeter that I think will appeal to someone who likes Goldenears.  


Otherwise, Audioengine is probably your best.  They typically have the best speakers on a cost/quality basis.  

Coming in at the top end of your budget at 600 are the Vanatoo Transparent One Encore, which I heard at an audio show in NY last year and their sound blew my mind. One day when funds allow I will most likely replace my little Audioengine A2+ with them. I don't know how the bigger A5's match up, or the recommended Triangles (which I am sure are nice too), but I feel confident recommending the Vanatoos despite having heard them only once. Everyone in the room just exchanged looks of disbelief, trying to spot the hidden sub..
All good suggestions. Thanks you everyone!
After doing all the reading I can about these speakers, now I am re-thinking. I own a pair of Mordaunt-Short Carnival 2 speakers. And from all I am reading, the Triangle's may out-do them, and the Canatoo Transparent One may as well.But I am now wondering if I should find a used Cambridge Audio CXA81, and play the Mordaunt Short's wired. Any thoughts on that idea? I would think I could find a used Cambridge Audio CXA81 for $800. Bring me to $200 over my initial cost, but possible worth it/
It is SO HARD to do this at a time when going into a store to listen is a challenge.
Thanks to all who have taken time to weigh in.