powered speakers recommendations?

i am buying the new Outlaw 950 processor and instead of purchasing a new five channel amp and speakers, i am considering going with powered speakers in my HT setup. can i get some recommendations from people who currently use powered speakers? my budget is up to $2500 and since my living room is on the small side, the size of the speakers is definitely an issue. thanks for the help.

Check out the JBL LSR series. The smallest model in the lineup, the 25(?) may be appropriate.
If your budget is $2500, what is wrong with a 5-channel amp? My home theater setup currently uses a Sherbourn 5/1500A 5-channel amp (excellent amp, by the way) and PSB Alpha A/V speakers all around. The combo comes well under $2500 and sounds great. You might be able to save a couple hundred dollars more by going with Outlaw's amps, although at a street price of $1400, the Sherbourn is tough to beat.

Several speaker manufacturers, including PSB and Paradigm, offer speakers that can equip your entire system for a very reasonable price, and will leave plenty of money left over for the amp.

With the amp in the chain, you would also have greater flexibility down the road for changing the speakers.

Just wanted to point out that you have alternatives.