Powering On/Off Tube CD Player Jolida JD-100

Would appreciate anyones help on this. I don't know if this is my imagination or just the mood I'm in that day but sometimes,
the sound from my Jolida JD-100 Tube CD player connected to my Musical Fidelity Tube X-10V3 Tube Buffer sounds different on the same CD & same levels.

What I need to know is: 1. Should I leave my Jolida tube CD player powered on all the time or is it OK to turn it complete off when I'm not using? The price of replacing tubes for usage is minimal. 2. Likewise but for a different circumstance, I leave my MF X-10V3 Tube Buffer disconnected/powered off when not using because the tube inside is 1 of only 50,000 in existence with a lifetime of around 11,000 hours. Will leaving it on, even though it will use up the tube rapidly & be costly to replace, produce better sound. as for my tubes themselves, they have alot of hours left on them, so that is not affecting variances in sound.
I would definitely leave the JD 100 on. Digital gear seems to sound best if left turned on at all times. When I asked on this board about leaving my tubed players on, I was advised to do so. It will take 24 -48 hours for cd players to level off at their best sonics once turned off. If your tube buffer has a fairly rare and expensive replacement tube I would turn it off and deal with the warm up. If you plan to keep the buffer you may want to purchase a replacement tube for it, if they are hard to come by.
I put mine in standby via the remote, 24 x 7.
I don't use the front panel switch.
Thanks for the info Is standby on the Jolida when the "red light" is on?

IN regards to the MF X-10V3 tube buffer, the problem is they cost around $250 and there is limited stock & the actual tubes can't be replaced because only a finite amount are available.

I'll probably disconnect the Tbbe Buffer after use & leave the Jolida on or on standby.
I'm also interested in the standby option on the Jolida...what portion of the unit is still running? Everything except the tubes?
Just a caution on the MF tube buffer...
Power it up in advance of your amp. Give it several minutes to stabilize (say 15 - I'm probably erring on the side of caution), then switch on your amp. I have read here of cases where the MF at start up gives off a signal or some sort of spike that has damaged amps turned on too quickly. I do use an MF tube buffer but mostly keep it on all the time. Somewhere on A'gon there was a discussion of expected tube life...thought it came to some 10+ yrs but I don't reccall the details and my memory is erratic.