PowerSnake Owners Unite!

OK PowerSnake owners, I think it's high time that we combine our efforts to completely familiarize our fellow Audiogon members with the power cords that we love more than any other on the planet. I'm asking owners of the Sidewinder, Black Mamba, Cobra and King Cobra to tell everyone honestly what these cords have done to improve the sound of their system. Believe me, you haven't really heard what your components sound like until you've heard them through a PowerSnake.
OK, admit it, you just bought shares in the Shunyata company, and you are trying to make a killing on the new IPO. Alright, just kidding, I own 4 powersnakes including the revered King Cobra. These cables are quietly getting a cult type following, somewhat like Genesis a few years ago and the PS Audio PP of today. Can you imagine if production was slowed for any reason, some audiophile in Beverly Hills calling to trade his Ferarri for 5 King Cobras, Sadam trading Oil for 100 KC, Clinton stepping in and declaring the King Cobra to be in national security interest, oops sorry Sadam. Is it true that Hilary bought one for her CD processor ? No kidding now.
Lets wait and see how they do in the long run before we declair Power Snakes "KING OF THE CORDS" There are so many flavors of the month that come and go.A week from now someone could come out with a cord that will get all the attention. The owner of EDGE E-mailed me and told me he is working on a "NO HOLDS BARRED'cord that he said is going to shake up the industry in performance AND price.I would like to give the Sidewinder a try in a few months when they are selling used at 50% what they are selling for new.
David...How can you be so negative about a product that you have never listened to? Plain and simple...borrow a King Cobra, plug it in, give it ample time to break in, then make your statement.