PowerSnake Owners Unite!

OK PowerSnake owners, I think it's high time that we combine our efforts to completely familiarize our fellow Audiogon members with the power cords that we love more than any other on the planet. I'm asking owners of the Sidewinder, Black Mamba, Cobra and King Cobra to tell everyone honestly what these cords have done to improve the sound of their system. Believe me, you haven't really heard what your components sound like until you've heard them through a PowerSnake.
OK, admit it, you just bought shares in the Shunyata company, and you are trying to make a killing on the new IPO. Alright, just kidding, I own 4 powersnakes including the revered King Cobra. These cables are quietly getting a cult type following, somewhat like Genesis a few years ago and the PS Audio PP of today. Can you imagine if production was slowed for any reason, some audiophile in Beverly Hills calling to trade his Ferarri for 5 King Cobras, Sadam trading Oil for 100 KC, Clinton stepping in and declaring the King Cobra to be in national security interest, oops sorry Sadam. Is it true that Hilary bought one for her CD processor ? No kidding now.
Lets wait and see how they do in the long run before we declair Power Snakes "KING OF THE CORDS" There are so many flavors of the month that come and go.A week from now someone could come out with a cord that will get all the attention. The owner of EDGE E-mailed me and told me he is working on a "NO HOLDS BARRED'cord that he said is going to shake up the industry in performance AND price.I would like to give the Sidewinder a try in a few months when they are selling used at 50% what they are selling for new.
David...How can you be so negative about a product that you have never listened to? Plain and simple...borrow a King Cobra, plug it in, give it ample time to break in, then make your statement.
The only way another powercord is going to outperform a King Cobra if and when & Caelin Gabriel at Shunyata decides to make one. Case closed!
jaguar,I made my statement already.I didnt say they arent good cords,I said wait and see what eveyones raving about in a couple months.And I will try one.When they are on the used market for a sane price being sold by people buying the new,hot cords.Simple as that.
Honestly, I think this is my cheapest and best upgrade ever. U won't get such significant improvement for that amount of money. I counldn't wait to buy the second Black Mamba after listened to the first one I borrowed from the dealer.
I say they suck!...just kidding. I'll be trying some soon, but apparently they need like 100 billion years to break in, or so. (That's the excuse those they are trying them ahead of me are offering). And another question to all of you guys: Is the stuff that rattles around in them RADIOACTIVE? Nobody seems to know just what it is, but if it came from outer space, it might be anti-matter, you never know. Measure one with a geiger counter some time...or else sleep with one tied around your crotch, and see if it lowers your sperm count...
I would be interested in actually hearing what people who own these have to say about the sound.
I can't believe it two post in one day I am passionate about. I have been in serious audio for 28 years. I have never had any component make the kind of difference the powersnakes have made. I have a black mamba on my joule-electra and a cobra on my belcanto DAC One. The authority, the tonal balance, the ease, and oh yes the incredible size of your soundstage. When I first heard others talk about the bass I was afraid it would overpower my room but these things managed to give me more bass and tighter better bass at the same time. I hate to admit it but they do sound better plugged into my Richar Gray Power Stations. I had hoped I could sell these when I got the snakes. I quess there was some reason the two companies recomended each other.
How long do KC owners feel it takes to really hear the Snake open up? I ran my computer with it for over a week. Putting it back on my CDP yielded maybe 75% improvement over fresh out of the bag--a smooth velvety sound with much better bass pitch and resolution. Jack, with my RGPC, it's too much of a good thing, prefer the Snake in the wall--but maybe I need to give it time.
Hey Folks! sign me up, I live in San Francisco, anyone knows the nearest dealer? website? Thanks
I have a Sidewinder feeding my Musical Fidelity X-Ray CD player, results are very good. Powersnakes acheive the "holy grail" of audio, more detail, dynamics, and depth....plus a smoother overall sound. Works wonders on CD players taking the last bit of digital edge out of sound. Nothing anywhere near $280 can touch a Sidewindwer for improved sound. Wow anyone who can afford cobras must be in the $20,000 plus range for overall system value.......must be nice
I've had the best from E-Glide, Synergistic, NBS, Purist through my sssytem and there's no denying the complete dominance of the PSnakes over all of them...to my ear. These are definitely NOT flavor of the month..been there done that. I've owned three KC's for close to a year now and I still thrill to what they do for music. These aren't tone controls or colored cords, they're superior at resolving the inner detail of music...PERIOD. The percentage of those that've tried and subsequently purchased them is higher than with any other PC I know of. I got a chance to hear the SideWinder recently and was shocked that a PC in that range could be as musical as that with no trade offs. ANd this company is but a year old, with these PC's still in mk 1 iteration...Can you imagine what the future may hold? I can :o)
The Sidewinder has been in my system for a while. I'll let everyone know how it compares to others.
I've been waiting quite a while for this Carl.My H.T. PRO-AC 11 have burned in about 60 hours now.Today I'm going to put the stock cord back in and see what happens.I'll let you know.Tell me where you got the snake and how much.Whats the shortest recommended length also.Thanks,Carl Alberts been very quiet lately(?)
Powersnakes are truly lovely but in my system the Black Mambas made everything sound too precious. Eighteenth century orchestras sounded like Mantovani. Good Mantovani but Mantovani nonetheless. Electraglide Fat Boy Golds transformed by my system HONESTLY. No tricks, just an incredible solid bass foundation and a wonderful airy rendition of midrange and treble detail. Power Snakes ain't for everybody, just as BAT electronics ain't. Listen carefully, folks.
Will keep my Electraglide references and Fat boy!! They do magic and took the world by surprise in 1997 as Shunyata is in 2000.Electraglide is a bargain in the used market. You can purchase a used FatBoy for the price of a Black Mamba.Many reviews still prefer the FatBoy over the King Cobra. It is all system dependent and based on how much in debt you want to go. You do the Math.
I agree word for word the posting by Samuel. There is also a new kid on the block. FIM PCs. Better than the king at half the price (FIM PCs retail for $1200)??
Hi Brulee, I also have been hearing great things about the FIM power cords from the good people at Avalon. I'm wondering how big of an improvement I'll get using them on my mono VK60s. I'm still in the dark ages with my power cords. They're from Discrete Technolgy who went under quite some time ago. I think they were one of the first companies to come out with hi-end power cords and were considered top notch in their day. Well I sure do have a lot of tweaking to do to realize my systems full potential and I'm loving the journey. I just wish I had more time and money. Don't we all. Good luck everyone and ENJOY, Tom
Brulee, who sells these FIM cords? Only Avalon dealers? I simply must try whatever the latest new cord thingie happens to be...Have you compared this $1200 model to the Synergisitc Reference Coupler on a power amplifier (either tube or ss), per chance??
Hi Carl, You might remember about a month and a half ago I posted a message asking if anybody has listened to FIM power cords. I contacted FIM giving the details of my system and got a message back from Winston recommending I order two of their silver series power cords for my VK60s. ($750 each) I can't persue it at this time because I have to pay off a HUGE dept. (Eidolons, great speaker but cost a small fortune for me anyway) If you wish to buy the power cords direct you can reach Winston at wma@fimpression.com I don't know if they have a return policy and I'm sure you will wan't to audition them with that option. Hey if you ever get that dream house with the stage over looking the pool in the backyard I would be happy to bring my drums. Good luck with the speaker project. Tom
"HEAR THIS" all you power snake owners must hear the new FIM cords for yourself. you will rediscover what a power cord is capible of !! contact brian at (949)362-6080, you'll be happy you did.
Tom, thanks, and yes, you could play your drums, no prob. My brother has dabbled in that too. I think I'll try aaudio.com, and then if that doesn't work, the FIM site (I thought it might be the same a First Impression Music, but wasn't sure...I guess it is, but their site says zero about power cords or cabling).
I recently purchased an FIM cord from Brian at aaudio.com. It is an awakening! You will %@$# your pants when you hear it! I am amazed how far ahead this cord performs over others at literally twice the price!!!!!
Hi Carl. No I have not compared FIM to synergistic. Fat boy, cobra, King cobra, PS audio lab cable and MAC PCs are the one's I have been comparing. I have heard good things about syngergistic. The FIM in my system is clearly the best. I did not think anything would come close to my KCs for a long time. I was wrong. Anybody want to buy some KCs. I have 3. I got my FIM from Wen-Li at E audio Net. Phone# (518)782-5489. Wen-Li will let you audition the cable for two weeks. You got to hear this stuff. Thanks Mikeam. I told you I owe you one. I won't forget.
David, I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you (or at least get you one of those alcohol "lower GI's" that you are so fond of)...they're $1200 for the Gold, and around $600 or $700 for the Silver. The Gold one is the one everybody is talking about. Ok, any last requests???.............As for these cords, apparently you become one with God after you put them in your system, or so I gather.
I own one Black Mamba and 2 Sidewinders. They replace Harmonic Tech pc which was an improvement. I was in Hamilton, Canada last weekend (near Ontario) and heard the Foundation Research line conditioner/power cord in a friend's system. The improvement was obvious. The design concept uses "filters" in both directions so that your components do not pass any signal back into your ac. They are basically a shieled power cord with a box in the middle. I plan to replace all snakes at once then individually with these for evaluation. Will report on impressions. Has anyone heard of Foundation Research out of Canada?
Mikeg: Foundation Research is operated my a very smart Canadian engineer, Ed Wolkow, who designs product for Hewlett Packard. He has designed a wonderful phono stage and preamp (VR5 and VR6), not yet available in the USA. Here is a guy who quietly and unassumingly designs and builds stuff for the sheer love of music. He is fanatical about system synergy and how to go about trying to extract musicality from a system. I think we will be hearing much more of his products in the future. I believe that the only retailer of Foundation Research, currently, is Alternative Audio in Toronto.
Hyda is coming.......for sneak peak go to http://www.gcaudio.com/gcaarrivals.html looks to be completely novel product using "stardust" tech.......price is beyond my budget, Sam