Pre-amp / CD player match with Wolcott P220M

ARC Ref2 pre-amp & ARC CD3 Player
BAT VK-50SE pre-amp & BAT VK-5DSE CD Player
Mcintosh C-2200 with CD Player X????

Recommendations? Or other Combo's Thanks, Dave.
What speakers are you using? I think all of your combonations above would work well. How ever if you only have one source why not get a player with volume control and run direct- my favorite is the Audio Aero Capitole MKII. There are many other great choices out there as well, The audio mecca mephisto II is a great player and pair it with a passive volume attenuation and you have a first rate digital source at a very attractive price. I do think you can get better digital sound then the ARC and the BAT for less money. The Electrocompaniet EMC-1 is very highly regarded here(my experience is very limited with this player) as is the Ayre cd player(the model number slips my mind) and the Resolution Audio Opus gets many raves. You have lots of choices, you have to figure out what you want to spend- and then audition it all! Happy hunting
Thanks Tireguy,

My speakers are Magnepan 20.1's. I agree with the CD Direct approach, however I play vinyl and listen to FM now and then. Soooo... My interest is still a great pre-amp/CD player combo. I live in northern Michigan and auditioning would be hard at best. My budget is 4k to 8k for the pair.
I've kinda narrowed my choice to the first email; ARC pr / BAT pr or Mac c2200 and CD????.
Anyone please rank my list & include a WHY statement if possible. Unless someone can add something else they really love and why. Thanks to all that can help!