VTL 450 SIG. vs. Wolcott P220M

Hi, there is a review of the wolcott at: http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/0700/wolcottaudio.htm

Great review. I am thinking of purchasing the Wolcott myself. Good luck!
I have a pair of MB450. They are incredible. They will give you the punch and sweetness at the same time. Check them out. You will love them.
I recently purchased the Wolcott mono's to power my Inner Sound Eros. The Eros are a ESL hybrid with a nominal impedance of 4 ohms. The Wolcott's produce the best bass I've ever heard from the Eros. More tuneful and accurate than the bass control of my Classe CA-300. These amps are also just superb in the midrange and top end probably due to the generous banks of EL34 tubes. Far better sound and control on the ESL's than the Rowland gear I've used. Soundstage is higher and significantly deeper. The real story behind these amps is how tonally correct they are. From what I understand from Wolcott dealers they are an exceptionally good match with Sound Lab speakers. You owe it to yourself to audition a pair. Best amps I've ever heard. However, it's hard for me to think you'd go wrong with either the VTL or Wolcott. Regards; -Jerie
I have a pair of the VTL 450s and they have the most muscle I've heard in a tube amp, 'cept for the bigger VTLs. Big, open, spacious, and firm sounding. Plus: the company is more than just one 90 year old guy building amps - they'll be around for a while.
hey burt, aren't ya sellin' 'em cuz ya fell for the rowland concentra ll? ;~)

doug, mite sell my electrocompaniet amps, if i could *steal* a pair of melos monoblocs... :>)

I have heard the Wolcotts on the Sound Lab M-1s at Audiokinesis. After a long warmup the combination produced the most proportionally realistic rendering of Solti's Ring that I have ever enjoyed. High end audio purchases are problematic from a company longevity point of view - if you are worried about that you might consider Sony or Harmon/Levinson. IMHO would consider neither VTL or Wolcott bluechip from that point of view. Find a good dealer (like Duke) or buy right used and enjoy either brand, don't worry.
Wolcott was a bad match with the Dunlavy V's. Bright sounding and lacking upper Bass
regarding the 450 VTL on my Dunlavy IV speakers they match extremely good the Bass is incredible you sometimes can't believe your listening to a tube amplifier. but don't get the impression these are euphonic sounding. the Conrad Johnson premier eights is the only better amplifier I've ever heard. the 450 strong points are resolution of in particular piano and vocals and the Bass of course. has anybody experimented with power cords on a 450? Advice?