Pre-Amp For Plinius Power Amp

I have Plinus SA-102 connected to my DIY M7.Can anyone care to share which is the good combination that give better perforamnce can be achieved by using a soild state preamp.Thanks.
The Plinius M8 preamp is grossly underated. It is highly synergistic with the SA 102 adding a significant level of dynamic contrast in comparison to a Consonance R1.1 and an Audio Aero Capitole (volume attenuator in Audio Aero cdp). The synergy with the SA102 is scarcely surprising. It is said to be significantly better than the Plinius M16. Plinius is in the process of developing a new reference preamp.

I had a Plinius M16 with my SA-250 and replaced it with an ARC Ref2 MkII. What a difference. Everything is better now. Even bass quality.
I have used a Reference Line PreEminence 2 passive with my SA100 MkIII for several years with very good results. I now use a Joule LA100 MkIII and am extremely happy with this combo as well.
I am using Cary slp98p with my sa102 , very happy.
I think tubes is the way to go.
Other good matches Hovland, EAR 864, Klimo and from solidstate the best was Audionet pre G2 (the big one).
I have an Adcom 750 that I use in the passive mod. It work wonderful with my Cary 303/200 player, very detailed and very dynamic. It sounds much better passive than powered.