Pre volume control - hardly moves but volume rises a lot

I have older Pioneer equipment.
I hooked my sc - 700 Pre to my sa - 700 Integrated amp.
The amp has separate pre out and main in.
It works ok but the Pre volume control just doesn't seem right.
I only move the control a tiny amount for the volume to rise a huge amount.
The volume has 10 loudness marks and I can not even get to the first mark and the volume is very loud.
Any thoughts?
Too much system gain is what you have, you could lower it quite easily by taking the sc-700 pre out of the equation and substituting it for this $49 passive pre, which you can return if you don't like it.

Cheers George
Yes it is on separate and the volume is ok without the pre.
The volume on the amp does nothing when the pre is hooked up,
only the volume knob on the pre changes the volume. is that normal?
is that normal?
Yes, that means the integrated pre section has been cut out.

You have too much system gain. With the sources output, other preamp gain in conjunction with the gain of the poweramp section, and the efficiency of the speakers.

Look at the Schiit Sys for $49.

Cheers George

Pappylon, you didn't mention your speakers but, as George says, their efficiency contributes to this as well.  Another option that hasn't been discussed is the addition of a pair of attenuators between the pre and power amps.  I have successfully used the Rothwells in the past. They come in several values (different amounts of attenuation).