Preamp advice

Hi, I am quite new to this hobby.

I currently have a MC 275 mark 6, running with Klipsch La scalas and Sansui AU9900 as preamp. I know the MC tube  preamps are a dream machine to pair with the MC 275 but i need recommendations on any other non MC solid/ tube preamps which can be used with my setup.

Always grateful for your recomendations.

Thank you



I just went on a preamp listening tour, and listened to quite a few preamps in person: Rogue Audio RP9, BAT VK-80, Backert Labs Rhumba 1.4, Backert Labs Rhumba Extreme 1.4, used ARC REF 5SE. Of those my favorites were the BAT VK-80 and Backert Labs Rhumba Extreme. I could have lived with the Rogue RP9, had I not heard the BAT and Backert.

In the end I ended up buying an Aric Audio Motherlode XL preamp, the idea of a point to point wired and easily upgradable preamp (along with only amazing reviews), and having heard another of Aric's preamps.....was the deciding factor.


AR are very good, macs are good but i would still recommend 20 db linestage gain in the specs.  phono gain is a separate animal.  

Guys he's running LaScala's he doesn't need more gain he's already got 65wpc more than he needs. he need a good quality preamp that's not hi gain and that's very quiet. 

If you have the funds look at the matching Mac preamps, they are dead quiet even the tube ones and have many features that are quite handy. The volume control will give you a good range of use with your hi efficiency speakers as well. 

Also the MC275 is a balanced amp and runs balanced, the single ended input is immediately converted to balanced so your better to run it balanced, one less tube in the circuit. If your running it balanced the first tube closest to the inputs is not critical as its only used in the heater circuit. It's for converting the single ended signal to balanced for the amp. 

I have a C2700-MC275 and the paring is excellent. I will say though get the JJ tubes out of the amps/preamps and find something better sounding that's the limiting factor in the new mac tube gear the factory tubes are not the best but they are reliable. 

I used a McIntosh C50, then a C52 pre-amp with my MC275 MK VI. Both worked perfectly for me and look very good. See the system here: