Preamp Options-Classe,Muse,SF,BAT,Adcom

Hello everyone, I would like to tap into your experiences with different preamps. I currently use an Adcom GFP-750 with Stan Warren Black Gate cap upgrade, and it betters the stock version considerably, and sounds pretty good overall. I am trying to achieve SS detail and dynamics, but also a rich lifelike midrange and little to no SS nastiness (without breaking the bank). Current set-up includes Muse 9 sig, Adcom pre, BAT VK-500 amp, Alon V Mk II speakers with woofer upgrade, Cardas Golden Reference ic's, Alon's Black Orpheus speaker wire, and Chris VH Flavor 1&2 power cords. I use two dedicated 20 amp power circuits, one for the amp and the other through a Jon Risch power filter for the front end. This system is close to what I am looking for, and occasionally sounds excellent on good recordings. However, I am wondering if any of the following may improve on my modified Adcom preamp. BTW I generally prefer it in active mode (popular rock and blues), but occasionally use it passive for acoustic type music (C'boy Junkies, Pete Yorn, etc). I must have the HT pass through and balanced design. I do not need high gain, but I am not interested in passive only units, and do not need the passive option. I need line stage only and remote is optional. Any comments on the following, or other, contenders ($1K-2K used) would be appreciated, or do you think the Adcom likely betters them?

Muse Model 3 Signiture
(really interested in 1st hand experiences with the Muse)
Classe' CP60 (why are comments on this unit so erratic?)
Sonic Frontiers Line 2
(it has the features, but I heard it sounds thin)
BAT (Do any of these offer the HT pass through?)

Thanks in advance for your help - Tim
I currently own a Classe CP-60, I don't know about erratic comments, the only complaints I've heard about it have to do with the ergonomics of the volume control. It has a 60 stepped gain control, some folks claimed that in their systems, they were getting blown out of the room at step #6 or so. I have not heard any complaints about quality of sound, only quantity. I find that when I use the gain reduction button (-6db) I usually listen in the 8-16 range. Still well below the 60 steps used. I do however go up to 30 when using the phono, which BTW, is the final reason I choose it over the SF Line 2. It has an excellent built in phono stage as well as the SSP bypass. The Line 2 had a slight edge in high frequency detail, while the Classe had the slight edge in bass reproduction. They both had a very good midrange, with the CP-60 being just a tad warmer, IMO. They both easily beat the Adcom I auditioned, but it was a stock version. The stock GFP-750 had plenty of detail, but sounded a bit thin and sterile to me. I have not heard the Muse model. I've heard a BAT VK-5i that sounded very nice, it however did not have a HT bypass or phono(I don't believe any BAT's do) and ALL inputs and outputs were balanced. I only needed one balanced input and output. I didn't want to have to use the adapters for all my other sources.
So I cannot really be of any help, since I haven't heard the modded Adcom, I doubt many will have. I would say that if it betters the stock version considerably, and sounds pretty good overall, as you claim, you would be just as well staying with it and just enjoying the music. It looks like you have a pretty nice system, enjoy it. If you feel the need to spend money to upgrade, either buy a turntable or buy more software. That would be my recommendation.

Have you tried a (BAT) tube amp? This may give you the sound you like. I run a Adcom 750 into Wolcotts and it is very close to the sound you mention with the tube monos. I think you have hit the wall as far as preamp upgrades go, at least for reasonable money. Also, see if you can try tube monoblocks, there is a difference. I'm sure your BAT dealer will accomodate you.
The BAT offers HT pass thru via a unity gain setting on one of the inputs. Very easy to set up. (on the VK20,30,40,50 and se versions) I have a Muse 9 sig going into a BAT VK50SE and BAT VK75SE. Great match. With your vk500, you outa check it out.

I upgraded from a Classe CP50. The BAT smokes it.

Good luck.
The Unity gain setting on the BAT is available on the VK3i as well, as long as it has remote. Should be in the lower portion of your range, used. Excellent unit.
Thanks everyone for the great responses. I have done some more research and believe the BAT VK-40 may ultimately be the way to go. Since I will be buying used, and my Adcom pre still sounds pretty good, I will take John's advice and hang on to it for awhile, until I find the right deal on a VK-40. The unity gain setting you guys mentioned for the BAT preamps is also the way you get HT pass through on the Muse. I only wish some of you had actually heard the Muse, as I suspect it is a really good preamp for the money, but ultimately not as good as the synergy would be between my BAT amp and the VK-40. Still, I really like my 9 sig and would love to hear the 3 sig preamp in my setup. Thanks again.