Upgrade from Classe CA-151 for AAD 2001s

Hi everyone:

I haven't posted or spent much time on Audiogon lately, which is probably a sign that I've been pretty happy with my system.

Pro-ject Xpression TT
Bellari VP 129 Phone Pre
Airport Express/Iphone/iPad 2 for digital
Classe CP-35
Classe CA-151
AAD 2001 Monitors
AAD 2000 series stands

Lately, I've been getting the itch again, and I'm looking to make a change to my amp - and preamp if necessary. Here are a few options I have been kicking around.

Classe CAM-200
Consoanance Cyber 800

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions for something in the $2k range that would be a step forward?

Thanks for your thoughts.

Speaking as a longtime Classe owner, replacing that CP-35 alone should improve things signicantly. A CP-50 or CP-60 should keep you happy and rediscovering your music collection for some time.

Thanks for your response, I have heard that the CP 35 is a weak link, and am open to making that upgrade. I would love to go to a CP 65 if the budget allowed.

What about possibly a Rogue Audio pre?

Sorry Joe, no experience with Rogue Audio. Maybe someone else will chime in.