Preamp Upgrade

I have an ARC LS-17 preamp. I would like to find something a little more contemporary with subwoofer outputs and digital inputs.  I like the features of the McIntosh C2500 but that’s way above my budget.  Used is a viable option as most of my gear was purchased as such and I have gotten good value for my money.  $3500.00 is my max.  Open to all suggestions SS or tube. Not into HT but I have seen some HT controllers with some good (but in most cases too many) features.  Thanks!
So, to be precise, you are asking for a Pre Amp DAC combination player.  Are you really wedded to a one box solution?  The reason that I ask is because there have been tremendous improvements in DACs over the past years.  For $3500 you can have an excellent DAC and line stage Pre amp, new.
Another question is are all of your sources digital, or do you need an analog input?  And headphones?
The Mytek Brooklyn is an excellent fully digital Pre amp DAC that costs around 2K.  For another $500 you can add a phono stage
No, it doesn’t have to be one box.  I need analog and digital capability.  I just started to take streaming media seriously.  Headphone support would be OK.