preamp with phono break in

I purchased a new tube preamp(Doge) with the phono section and would like to know the best way to accumulate 100 hours for break in. My only source is a tt with a mm cartridge.
KAB manufactures a tiny box called phono pre-con equalizer and it converts CD signal into low output like a phono cartridge.

For it to work you run a CD player RCA out into the KAB box and from KAB box to phono in. Obviously the phono and CD must be left on for as many hours burn in as you need.

I've run mine 500 and even 700 hours on new high end phono preamps, a minor miracle how much waiting and wishing is eliminated and how much it helps the sound.

It's the most painless way to accumulate hours without wear and tear on both you and your analog rig.

Music Direct and Acoustic Sounds have this on their site, about $79.00. I've been using mine for two or three years, I could not do without it.
Albert, thanks for the info, one more question, how high does the volume have to be?
why the impatience? I never heard of buying a piece of gear and needing another piece to break it in..the new market for people who need their fix quickly?
I don't think it is impatience as much as it is how you deal with listening to music that is not produced in a manner pleasing to the ear. Isn't that why we invest all thin $$?
to hear Sweet music. I really like my system to disappear and I haven't had that for a while. Happy holidays to all

For break in to work you need not play through the speakers, the signal entering the phono stage and being processed is all that's required. If you have a stand alone (outboard) phono stage there could be some advantage to resistive load at the RCA outs.

Some equipment is vastly improved in 100 hours, some require several hundred hours. This is not a new concept, lots of Audiogon members have posted their experience.

You can put a record that skips and never goes further for 100 hours:-)

Marakanetz, actually that would work but I'm not sure the cartridge would be the same afterward :^).