Preamp with two volume controls?


Anyone familiar with a preamp that has 2 volume controls. Currently I use 2 Mcintosh C50 preamps in my system. One is for the 2 MC252 amps and 1 used as a volume control for my 3 SVS subs and an Anthem STR amp. The extreme differences in how bass is recorded in new verses old recordings and the wide range in low frequency mastering in the many styles of music I listen to has led me to look for different ways to rectify these issues. What I am doing works pretty well, but I would love to have a more direct method. Thanks in advance.


Audible Illusions is based in Daytona, FL. and their tube preamps are well regarded. Also, their preamp has two "balance control" knobs (one for each channel), in addition to the master volume control.

The owners manual describes the balance controls as follows: "The amount of signal voltage applied to the line stage for each channel is regulated by separate stepped attenuator controls. The relative signal of the CHANNEL BALANCE is set with these controls. Setting both of these controls at 12 o'clock is a good starting point."


Left and right separate volume on my AI Modulus M3B version. Don’t think it would work as main volume and subwoofer volume. It’s up for sale on the other site if interested 

The Pass Labs Aleph P has separate left and right gain controls. as well as a a master gain control to govern both channels.

My canary  pre amp as two chassis  both spilt into channels so a volume control  for each channel and a power supply for each channel. There top of the line had two complete sets for each channel not divided  in two boxes they had four boxes. Griffin  had a preamp with two volume controls as well.