Preamp with two volume controls?


Anyone familiar with a preamp that has 2 volume controls. Currently I use 2 Mcintosh C50 preamps in my system. One is for the 2 MC252 amps and 1 used as a volume control for my 3 SVS subs and an Anthem STR amp. The extreme differences in how bass is recorded in new verses old recordings and the wide range in low frequency mastering in the many styles of music I listen to has led me to look for different ways to rectify these issues. What I am doing works pretty well, but I would love to have a more direct method. Thanks in advance.


Try a room correction system--toss your analog Pre~ Lyngdorf's discontinued DPA-1 or TDAI 2170 or their current TDAI-3400 are your solution. Use whatever amps your want--the 2170 and 3400 offer internal 170 and 200wpc amps.

+1 for First Sound tube preamps with dual mono loudness controls and dual external power supplies 

a bit ‘old school’ if you will ( no remote, RCA only ) but as far as SQ is concerned, tough to beat