Preamps with Berning ZH570

I've heard about great synergy with First Sound, Supratek and Joule Electra. Anyone audition the Lamm LL2 with this amp? what other tubed preamps did you try and what were your impressions? thanks - Art
HI Artg: " Of the preamps You've mentioned. I've heard and recommended the First Sound Linestage (LS) One Mk.2 to about 3 friends, which ended up being owners. I've heard this Pre w/ Symphonic Line Rg 1 & 5's / Densen DM10 / Quicksilver Silver 60's / Audio Prism Debut MK.2 & Music Reference RM 9 MK. 2. And in each & every System....................., It JUST CLICKED. This is one of the best Preamps, I've ever listened too PERIOD. Clearly better then the Audible Illusions M3a's & Quicksilver preamps. Also more refined then any of the older Coounterpoints' , Audio Researchs' & Conrad-Johnsons', I've heard. If You have the opportunity too buy One..........., DON'T SLEEP. It's that good. ( Lots to offer, for the money.) The only place to go after this to my ears is still either a CAT SL-1 Ultimate ,or the Aesthetix Callisto or Calypso Linestages. I first heard this Preamp circa 1997. In a system that consisted of either a Cec TL ONE or Wadia WT 2000 CDTransports w/ Timbre Dac.MK 2 (wired w/ Nordort MoonGlo Digital Cable) & VTL 250 Monos' w/ Avalon Eclipse LS. Wired w/ Sonoran Cables. This was at a Friends home. In a room of about 18'W. x 27'L & 15'H. Needless to say, It's a sound in which I've never 4gotten."
I've been happily using the CAT SL1-MkIII with my Berning. It replaced a Joule Electra LA150. They are both very good, but I have a preference for the CAT. The dynamic jump is goosebump inducing. The CAT is dead quiet, and the phono section is better than most of the separate phono stages I've heard. The LA150 has a liquid, lush quality to it, that is very engaging. They both complement the Berning nicely.
While I haven't heard the First Sound, it comes highly recommended. One ergonomic issue for me is the separate L+R volume controls; I must admit this is a pet peeve of mine. The Supratek Chenin($2900) is a giant-killer as far I can tell so far, but I've only heard once this month, and that was in a friends' system. From a price perspective the Cortese(~$5k) is closer to the others mentioned here.
Although I was disappointed in what I heard from the LL2, it was in a very different system, and wouldn't judge much from that. I'm also curious to hear from folks who've successfully used the LL2 with non-Lamm amps. Cheers,
thanks Spencer. i ended up buying a First Sound preamp, new. I'll post again once I get it all connected. All the other preamps mentioned here and in other threads would have undoubtably also been strong candidates, but their availability is limited, and nobody beats Emmanuel Go for service, should it become necessary.

Still waiting to hear if anyone ever tried the Lamm + Berning....