Preamps with I2s input

Purchased a Denafrips Terminator Plus DAC a short while ago. Loving it and now wondering if I can get more out of it. It's currently connected to an Audio Research SP 20 preamp (which I bought for its TT connectivity). I'm in the processing of digitizing all my vinyl and afterwards intend to sell my TT. My question is I know little to nothing about the Terminator + I2s connection, but I've read repeatedly the I2s connection is superior to the USB in sound quality. I'd like suggestions on preamps with an I2s input that would be compatible with the Terminator +. I have both an HDMI type and RJ45 type I2s cable.


I have no idea, but:

I suggest you keep your TT, for future LP's, garage sales, thrift shops, friends give you theirs, friends loan you theirs.

To be clear - your digital transport (source) is what needs to support an I2S output, not your preamp. It's not a common feature. PS Audio's PerfectWave SACD transport does I2S over HDMI, for starters. 

I use a Windows 11 desktop in order to utilize the Signalyst HQ Player. The computer and DAC are connected with a WyWires USB cable. The computer has outputs for USB 3.2 (Gen 2) type C with capability for 10 Gbps. Unfortunately the Terminator Plus only has the older Type B USB input. That's the problem. I'm bottle-necked at 5 Gbps (maybe even less) which works perfectly when upsampling to 48/512 but has frequent drop outs with some music @ 48/1024. Guess I'll try a less powerful setting on the HQ Player and see what happens. Thanks.