prehistoric footers

I saw an ad in the tweaks section of audiogon about footers made from wood obtained from preserved prehistoric wood. The ad was from a company in New Zealand. It was interesting in that the wood was mineralized and very dense. It is supposedly used for some kind of instrument making. Unfortunately the ad appeared for only one day. Anyone know the name or website for the company? Thanks.
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Yes, petrified wood is very dense, but the important point is that the ad noted that it is used for instrument making. In other words, it resonates like all wood. That's what makes wood good for things like violins, cellos, guitars, etc. And that's what makes wood tricky, but not impossible, to use as a stand or footer. If you wish to use the thing for vibration control, you can find more dense, non-wood materials locally. Although it would certainly be cool to say that your footers are exotic southern hemishpere petrified, prehistoric wood hand-crafted by Maori warriors, and therefore you had to pay $1000 for them.

Sorry, I got carried away there. No, I'm not familiar with the product, which was your original question. But I don't think it would be as good as other products you might find.
I think that there is a bit of a mis-understanding about the wood used. IIRC, it was billed as the densest wood that can be worked. In other words, not petrified. I have no opinion on its performance as a footer (in fact I'm not even sure if I am in the isolate or drain camp on vibration).
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The following web site sounds like what you're looking for:

I have excerpted the fourth paragraph on the web page:

"Our exclusive range of Ancient Kauri Footers & Bases is made from New Zealand kauri timber that has been carbon dated as being between 30,000 and 50,000 years old. It is the oldest workable timber in the world ! Ancient Kauri is now prized as an exceptional tonewood by many musical instrument makers.These same properties can now be used by you to fine tune, and help release the full tonal beauty of your system. Each item sold will be supplied with a certificate of authenticity confiriming the timbers age. IN STOCK NOW!"
This may help clear up any confusion. ANCIENT KAURI is NOT!! petrified timber. The Kauri is an very slow growing timber and much of the timber we use would have been over 1000 years old before it fell in some prehitoric event 30 to 50 thousand years ago. It lay perfectly preserved in the Northland swamps untill a few yeasr ago the drying of some swamps exposed these logs.