Primaluna Dialog Two Integrated Amp vs Cayin A-88T

I am going to put together a tube system around one of these integrated amps. I'm wondering if anyone here has compared the two amps. They are about the same price, the Primaluna is rated at 38 watts per channel, the Cayin is at 45 watts. They both use KT-88 tubes. I haven't selected speakers yet, but I am leaning towards Harbeth 7es-3. Any comments/opinions would be appreciated.
The Primaluna can take a range of power tubes from KT88 to EL 34. Don't worry about the power if you get decent speakers.

At 86db are the Harbeths that easy to drive? Maybe look for a speaker in the 90db+ range.
Agree with Grinnell, My personal opinion is as follows:

Speaker efficiency / Amplifier choice
82-88dB/ solid state
89-94/ solid state or tube
95 upwards/ tubes

Of course above is just a guideline and not the last word. Personal preference plays a very big role and synergy of the system in the end is what we all strive for.

A friend of mine used to listen to his Maggies with a Cary 5 watt set amp and he seemed to enjoy the sound so go figure.
Thanks for your responses.
This system is going in a fairly small room, about 12' x 15'.
Thanks for the info on the differences between the el34 and kt-88s. Is there general agreement on this point?

Prog,can you recommend some used tube integrateds?

I have been a little concerned about the 86db sensitivity of the Harbeth speakers. I may consider the Paradigm studio 40's or 60's, but I've heard they can sound a little "bright".

De capos are great with tubes, Focal Chorus? Single Driver for your space might work.

Abbys? Zu? Triangle

Even consider a nice EL84 amp. I got a 12wpc Vista Audio I84 and it sounded great with my De Capos almost too good that i may swap it with my Primaluna