Prioritization of Power Cords

Hi All,

I'm trying to figure out where to prioritize my power cords. Here is my setup: 

  • Audioquest Niagara 1000 Conditioner (currently connected to the wall with a Pangea AC9SE Mk II 7 gauge PC)
  • Line Magnetic 805ia Integrated Tube Amp (currently connected to the Niagara with an Acoustic Zen Tsunami III 11 gauge PC)
  • PS Audio Directstream Junior (currently connected to the Niagara with a SignalCable MagicPower Digital Reference 12 gauge PC)

If I were to get a Audioquest Thunder or an Acoustic Zen Gargantua II PC, where would you put this cord in this setup?

John Rutan(audioconnection) believes you should put the best power cord on the source.
For me it is my Ayre DAC. And, I got the AQ Thunder from Johnny, and I have to say it made a positive change.
I also put some on my Ayre monoblocks, and though I have heard Ayre equipment isn't affected by power cord changes, I did notice a significant change in sound. 
I seem to remember this was asked not so long ago, and surprise surprise, there was no unanimity.  However, I think the majority opted for the connection between wall and the power distributor/conditioner.  In a sense that is the "source", even for the other sources.
Right now, I have an Isotek Synchro on order.
@twoleftears right, that is what I was wondering - "what is the definition of source?" To me, it could be my DAC/Streamer or it could be the wall to my conditioner. 

It sounds like there could be some benefits elsewhere along the chain as well including the passage between the conditioner and amp. 
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In general, you want your quietest power on your sources and then on the amplifiers with the most voltage gain.  As gain drops, it becomes less sensitive to power line noise, so power amps are less of a concern by comparison.  This is a general case, the fact is you never want power line noise to enter your system.   I agree with Elizabeth - listen and decide for yourself.  :-)
There are a number of PCs on the market specially designed or optimized for digital components, e.g. Triode Wire Labs, JPS Labs, and plenty others.  I wonder how they different from a PC for another low-powered component...