Priority use for purchasing my first linear power supply - Streamer, DAC or Amp?

Hi All, 
Where do you suggest I use a linear power supply? 

Streamer (iFi Zen) 

DAC (Gustard x26 Pro) or, 

Amplifier (B&Ll Ex 4420) 

Schiit Freya Preamp


Move it around and see what sounds best. Check this out instead of LPS, it works great on my streamer:

You could possibly buy a dual output ps or even 3 outputs. Imagine the possibilities and price! 

I have an uptone audio JS-2 powering my server and a Etheregen. An Afterdark powering a master clock for Etheregen. These make a nice addition and when I've taken them out and use the stock power supplies what a difference can be heard. 

zen - makes a real difference in my experience, and it is the front of the chain

as others have said, there are dual output models... keces of taiwan makes very good quality very cost effective ones - models being the p3 and dc-116 its predecessor... with user adjustable dc voltage too

The one that has the worst internal power supply.   Probably the zen.  Don't know what powe supply Freya has.  Jerry

From what I can tell, the streamer is the only one that you can use an LPS with.

If your system allows LPS at different points, I would first use it with the Dac.

Work backwards from there.