Pro-Ject Tube Amp DS Settings

I have a (just purchased) Pro-ject Tube Amp DS and an Audio Quest 404 B High Output MC cartridge (circa 1982 but fully rebuilt). Any suggestions on the best preamp settings for this pairing? I could just use the moving magnet settings, since it is a high output cartridge, or select a MC setting that jives with the cartridge specs. Would there be any appreciable sonic value for me to use the MC settings? Reading on-line about this cartridge, it is stated that MM settings work great too for this model, and I just want what we all want: clarity and a lack of distortion. Thanks for your input!


Most HOMC cartridges just use the same loading as a MM cart. Based on the loading calculator, it seems the nominal for that cartridge would be 43db of gain, so you may want to experiment and see if the 50db of gain may be more dynamic than than the 40db setting on your DS. I’d probably keep the resistance at the 47kOhm setting and experiment between the 100pf and 200pf settings for capacitance.