Pro-ject Turntable Tonearm Dropping Too Slow

I'm having an issue with my Pro-ject Carbon Debut Carbon Esprit turntable. Whenever I cue a record from the beginning, the tonearm lowers perfectly. But if I try lowering it further towards the center, it comes down way too slow. Sometimes it will even skip a little at that spot until the stylus makes full contact. Most of the time I play my records from start to finish, so it's not that bothersome. Any ideas of what might be causing this?
I don’t know if your Tonearm has this capability, but check the height of the Tonearm rest. You might be able to lower it enough so that you don’t have that issue, yet still have it raise high enough to clear the record surface. 
Seems to be a stock fault on these tables. Check in with manufacturer.  Ensue your tracking force is correct.