Proac Response 2.5 - How long will they last?

I have a ten year old pair of Proac Response 2.5's.

While they still sound great I wonder how long they will last until I have to do something to them. They are never abused and play primarily Jazz, Classical and a little rock.

Are they OK "forever" or is there something I need to do now or down the road to keep them in good shape.

My 15 year old (?) Proac RS2s still sound great. I think the usual "failure point" for speakers due to age is the surrounds around the cone. You might want to look at them to see if there is any cracking...
One thing great about the 2.5 is that the replacement drivers are well-known and available.

I owned a pair of 2.5s for three years that were from the late '90s and loved them.

One day, I plan to make the DIY versions with a veneer not commonly used on speakers.
eventually the foam rubber surrounds do wear out, either just losing flexibility or actually tearing. you will be able to buy replacements when that happens; proac just uses scanspeak drivers - although they're branded 'proac' and might be a little different (I'm sure they'll claim they're really different).

one thing to consider is whether the speakers are exposed to full sun; that can speed up the deterioration of the foam surrounds. if one gets more sun than the other, switch the speakers every once in a while to even out the exposure.

otherwise, it's going to be a function of how much you play them and how loud. there's no reason you shouldn't be able to have these speakers for decades if you replace the drivers when needed. most of what you're paying for with speakers is the cabinets, not the drivers.

p.s. when you do replace the drivers, have it done by a qualified techlll