Proac Super Tablette

What is your opinion of this monitor and how does it compare to other Proac monitors? I am about to lay down the cash and need to get some feedback on the sound quality.
Thanks for the input!!
I am also trying to find some specs on this monitor too.
Even though the Super Tablette is an older monitor I've always wondered this myself. Newer doesn't necessarily mean better. Sometimes just different.
I have owned this speaker since 1987. Very good little monitor. Not a lot of bass, can be a little bright on some material (those dang soft dome tweeters you know!). But has excellent soundstaging and depth in my room. Not big on dynamics and impact, but this is not what the speaker was designed for.

Not sure how it compares to newer proac's as I don't have never heard them.

The little instruction booklet with them is short on specs, but gives a very optimistic ~30hz as the lowest bass. I'm going from memory here. Measured with my RS dB meter they go down to ~70 hz in my room and not much else below this. I think the sensivity is ~85 db/1m, but have no problem driving them to loud levels with my Creek CAS4040 (30 w/c) int. amp.

But the mid range especially voices are wonderful.

Just for giggles I am going to hook them up to my Sonic Impact T-amp and see how it sounds. This amp performs much better than expected with my B&W DM601s3's and there 88 dB/m.,

Your description of the Super Tablette does sound a lot like the newer ProAc monitors. Overly optimistic low frequency extension specs, great midrange, moderate sensitivity, etc...

Regarding your experiment, sometimes just for giggles leads to something special, heheh. Good luck!
I have just bought a pair of ProAc Super Tablette to go with my Linn Axis, Naim Nac 62 and Nap 90 (30 Watts).........I bought this speaker as it is relatively same vintage to my Naim Pre Power and would love to find out what makes them so sort after.

Does anyone have experience with using Nap 90 with the Proac Super Tablette or should I go one step further and get a second hand Nap 140 (45 Watts) for more Grunt?

One thing I am sure of is that Super Tablette needs to get a service to change the foam around the tweeter and resistors checked & Replaced before it can be brought back to it's former glory.......But would appreciate some advice on Naim power amps to get the most out of these little tablettes.