ProAc Tablette Ref 8 Sig vs Studio 100

Looking at the above choice...but can't audition them due to locations...
they would go with my Sonic Frontiers Power 1 amp.

Any input would be appreciated.
I was listening to both at the dealer and I think the Ref8 are more analytical and the 100's more warm sounding. Overall these are very nice and big sounding little speakers! I would probably go with Ref8 myself.........
The SF Power One tube amp would Match well with either Proac
The Studio 100 would offer an easier drive scenairo by advantage of its larger size and smooth even imp load.
They would also achieve a better sense of dynamics tonal rightness and proper weight in the bass section in most rooms.
The Smaller Baffle Proac Tab ref 8 would seem to disappear
nicely if this is important to you but overall you need to take a look at the big picture of what matters most to you.
Both speakers will reward you best with High Mass stands.
A must is proper leveling and sand fill when you are done you will find it was worth all of your efforts.
Best John Rutan