Problems with a Clearaudio Performance DC turntable w/ Verify arm

Has anyone out there had issues with this turntable/arm combo?  I bought it new, six months ago off audiogon and have had nothing but problems.  Note that I did not set the table up myself, but rather had a local dealer who specializes in analog do it.  First it was set up with the Clearaudio Maestro Ebony MM cartridge, but I had issues with the piston that raises and lowers the tonearm sticking so that the tonearm wouldn't come all the way down.  It was one of those intermittent deals where the set up would work fine for a week, then start acting up.  Finally after two trips back to the local analog dudes it seemed to be ok.  
About then I decided to get a Lyra Delos MC cartridge.....the Maestro Ebony had a lovely midrange, but I wasn't real happy with the other ends of the spectrum.  Back to the local dealer....they installed the Lyra and it sort of worked for a week, then more problems with the tonearm piston as well as getting the antiskating to work properly.  Back to the dealer....maybe finally solved the tonearm issue, but cannot for the life of me get the antiskating to work properly.  The table is absolutely level, the tracking force is set exactly at 1.8 gm.....The local dealer is perplexed and they have set up many hundreds of all sorts of turntables (including Clearaudio, which they carry).  
Has anyone else had issues setting the antiskating on this turntable?  I'm about ready to see if I can find a Clearaudio hammer to really fix the thing!

"New off Audiogon" New as in positively unopened box?

In any event you have a very good turntable that has some unique components in the deck and in the tonearm. I'd suggest an email to the importer Musical Surroundings and succinctly describe the problem you're having. Also mention the name of your Clearaudio dealer as they may not be a servicing dealer.

Include the model code and serial number in your email.

As I recall, the box had been opened.......but not unpacked.  Everything was certainly brand-new.
I will follow your suggestion.  I would be wonderful to finally solve this....
and thanks very much for your response!