Problems with CAL 10 display

The display on my CAL 10 is blinking on and off... fortunately I can shut it off, but am afraid it is masking a bigger problem. This unit has already been back to meet its maker twice due to bad parts... and now is out of warranty.

Any thoughts?
Currently my cal 10 mis-tracks. they (CAL) won't even try to fix it for $$$. I'll be going with a more reputible company for further digital endeavors. Good Luck.

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Can't comment on service, but I've got the same problem with my CL-10. The dealer says its the power supply for the display. So far, after about a year, I can report that while the display is worse, its had no impact on the audio, and I just leave the light turned off.
My CL-10 had problems with the random play and with skipping. I took it to a local certified service center. They shipped it to Cal Tech. The process took 2-3 months. It was repaired. It wasn't cheap. I did get a new official cardboard carton out of it when they shipped it back -- Yippie!! That's the good news. The bad news is that it won't play some CD's at all -- I'd gripe more, but they're my wife's and I'm not too crazy about them ;-)
From reading this post, maybe I should start shopping for another multi-disc transport. Any good ones out there?
BE CAREFULL. Not only can I not contact ANYONE at this freaking Cal company, my CL-2500 is doing the same thing!

Is it inherent in all CAL players?

Cal does not have any service techs. They all quit. However they have set up outside authorized repair centers. Try for help. He can fix your machines. Also go to www.sonicblue and look under the service area and you will find the other two companies that do repairs for Cal. I own the complete 2500 series. Cal audio is really no longer a brand. They haven't manufactured new stuff since April of 2001. The company is up for sale but it has been for a year now. Maybe a true hi-end company will buy them. Sonic Blue is a mass-market company and started dismantling Cal audio as soon as they bought it.
Here are the addresses from the Sonicblue web site, in case they vanish off the face of the Earth:

Approved Audio Service
583 Bantam Rd.
Bantam, CT 06750

Electronic Engineers
2522 W. Armitage Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647

Just Service Inc
2940 N. Clark St
Chicago, IL 60657

Service for CL2500
Scott Morris Enterprises
1130 Hilfiker Drive
Arcata, CA 95521