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I need a decent projector, mostly for static slides (powerpoint kinds of stuff rather than video). It will be permanently moutned in a decently bright room though in an alcove where there is less light. We have used a 3000 lumens projector for about ten years but it seems dimmer than it used to be and the colors were never very clear. The throw distance is 20 feet with a 12 foot screen. Looking at something around 4000-4500 lumens and operating on a small budget of about $1000. Any recommendations on a good projector?
I do a lot of group presentations and have been pleased with this Epson 6220 model that I've used for about 3 years now. It has 3000 lumens but I've never had a problem in any room up to capacities of about 70 people and projection distances of 20 feet or so. Good light, excellent well saturated color. Good ability to adjust in both for both vertical and horizontal image correction (keystoning, etc). I would not recommend it if presenting a lot of video, however. For some reason I've never been able to get video to work well through it.
You just may need a new bulb in your current projector.  They start to dim when they need replacement.  If the projector has been bright enough for you for 10's probably your bulb.
i (also)  immediately  thought  lamp  problem
you can purchase  new  one  for  under  $300  more  than  likely
I will suggest you to buy a projector around 500 dollar then you will get super lumen and native 1080p projector. I hope it will fulfill your requirements. To know more about projector you can visit
Yeah or just call I have used them for many years. For a discount type business they have really good service. Always extremely knowledgeable and helpful and even managed to catch one detail I had missed. 

Or if you just want brighter, buy an aftermarket lamp and save a lot.
The GooDee Video Projector model I have used for about 3 years is the printer I use a lot for group presentations. Although it has 3000 lumens, I've never had any problems using it in rooms with a capacity of about 70 people when projected at a distance of about 20 feet. The brightness and color saturation are excellent. Excellent ability to adjust screen correction for horizontal and vertical displays (key stoning, etc.). If you're presenting videos a lot, browse this site for best option.
Hi there, you can buy 4000-4500 lumens projector at budget of less than 1000$. Go through the whole list and come out with the best one as per your needs. I found this ultra short throw projector article helpful so sharing with you. Hope you find it helpful for yourself too.
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