Proper platform/support for a Musical Fidelity A5?

So I recently added an Underwood Hifi-modded Musical Fidelity A5 to my system (which includes a VSE Level 4 Sony DVP-9000ES, and Gallo Reference 3 speakers, and a Symposium Isis equipment rack). I've read in several places (including the 6 moons review of the MF A5, and in various forums) that the A5 really requires good isolation to sound its best.

I know that the Symposium rack is helpful, but I'm not sure how best to support the A5 on that rack--the Underwood mods replace the stock feet with sorbothane footers, which seems to go against the general Symposium strategy of using metal couplers between the component and the platform.

I'm liking what I hear so far from the A5, but I want to make sure that it's got the best support and isolation I can possible provide it--any thoughts or suggestions?
I like the Finite Element CeraPucs as well as the Walker Audio Valid points for CD players. For the symposium rack, however (it is excellent), the mfg may recommend something else (svelt shelf, ultra shelf, fat pads, roller blocks). Give Peter at call. He's an awesome guy and incredibly knowledgable and am certain he knows what will work best with his rack.
I think 6 moons has recommended maple platforms in this or other reviews. Mapleshade's are good but expensive. I have been looking at several lower priced one's that advertise on Audiogon to put under my NuVista M3. I currently have it on a VPI turntable platform from years past. I can't say how much good it does as I started using it when I got the amp.I remember reading that the case rings so I would also try some weights on top of the amp, this often helps. I have a VPI Magic Brick on mine just in case. It's considerably heavier in construction [110 lbs] so it may be overkill. A lot depends on your floor and how much vibration it transmits.
which A5 product are you asking about... CD player, pre-amp, power amp, integrated amp???
Oops...I forgot all about this thread. It's an A5 integrated amp. I've still been experimenting with footers on it, and it seems like the best fit so far between the A5 and my Symposium Isis rack are BDR cones. The system's set up in a room with old suspended wood flooring, and despite the fact that I have my speakers elevated with polycrystal amp stands, the floor still vibrates like crazy whenever I listen to music, even at fairly moderate levels.
Hi Nmuntean.

I recommend that you check out Herbies web site and send them an e-mail describing your needs. You will get a quick response.