Prospectives on Chi-Fi

Putting politics aside this is a good opinion piece and I hope puts some things in prospective.


Living in South East Asia for 35 years and spending extended periods of time in Mainland China since the early '90s when you could only buy a black or brown pair of shoes and people were just transitioning from Chairman Mao's denim suits.

Urine and feces was still collected in buckets in the streets in the evening and shipped to the farms, flush toilets didn't exist outside of big hotels.

Western corporations have made trillions of dollars enslaving the Chinese peasants to work 50 weeks per year for a pittance, but China's main resource is people.

That's why you can get your Topping for chump change or why Apple can pocket billions and get their products made for slave wages.

Apple are now moving to India, Vietnam, Thailand etc., to mitigate the risk of long term employees wanting retirement and redundancy payments.

I could go on and on but Slavery 1.0 has come back to haunt you.

Slavery 2.0 will be a lot worse.

Chinese HIFI manufacturers aren't war-mongers but in China everything is State owned and just like the US uses your tax dollars for whatever it likes, with zero accountability, so can China.

On a positive note people who wear fake designer goods are a laughing stock. Wearing a fake Rolex shows you're a fool, so I have every confidence that people will forget the Chinese copies and low rent products and buy good gear.

Pride of ownership is an important part or our hobby.

Taiwan is not in China, but it maybe soon.


Heard a cayin h80a hybrid integrated. It was fantastic sounding. You can tube roll the preamp section to your liking. What a bargain. sounded like a McIntosh only not as colored. 

Denafrips T+ DAC made in China. World class quality and customer support from Vinshine Audio at a reasonable price. Most importantly; it sound’s amazing!

I am really sorry I started this thread/chain. Can no one stay on topic without wading into the political sewer and political biases?

I had been warned about this place and how things end up in the weeds fast! 

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