PS Audio BHK preamp and amp rundown

I've lurked a long time trying to figure out what's best for myself and my system.  I had some tube gear over the years and was intrigued by the BHK components.  So I bought the preamp first and was pretty happy with it.  I found a special price here on Audiogon on a demo at a huge discount.  The sound was good.  Maybe not as spacious as an old CAT preamp I had.  But the CAT was difficult to own.  Too difficult.  The BHK bass is excellent.  Nice all the way around.  I took everybody's advice and went to Upscale Audio and bought the Tungsram PCC88.  That is an absolute must for this preamp.  Hearing it before and after was not a small change.  

I decided to bite the bullet and buy the 250 amp.  Maybe I should have bought the 300's, but who knows.  You have to stop somewhere.  Since Upscale Audio sells PS Audio I was going to inquire there and found they had a special type of Tungsram PCC88 not available for sale.  Supposedly a super version of some sort.  I was willing to pay a an upcharge if I could get them and the amp as I was so intrigued.  I was shocked to find out it was $300 cheaper than the "demo" price and it included $400 worth of the "super variant" tubes no charge, meaning two pairs.  I felt like I scored. 

I first broke in the amp, which took a while.  The bass was constricted.  Or maybe congested.  But I left it on 24/7 for two weeks and it sounded wonderful.  Not quite as technicolor as all tube, but very good.  I put in the Super Tungsram and BAM it woke it up.  Huge change. One of the biggest upgrades ever.  

Now I was wondering if the super variant Tungsram really was that different.  They included two sets when I bought the power amp, so I took out the Tungsram I had bought and put in the upgraded version that I got as a spares with my amp.  At first it was hard to tell just what was happening.  They had to break in.  But now with two sets of Tungsram broken in I can go back to back and the Super variant is superior by far to my ears.  

Now I'm wondering if I should have bought the 300's.  Upscale will give me full credit if I do it soon.  I have two sets of speakers and neither are hurting for power.  Kevin said that power is not the issue.  Then got a bit over my head.  I'm looking for input.     
I have the BHK 300 monos and they are absolutely wonderful. I have not heard the 250 but from past experience, I know how stereo and monos versions of the same amp can sound different.  With the extra power comes an ease of delivery. Bigger sound, more air, better separation and more depth. If the money is not an issue and you have any doubts, GET the monos and be done! Ha! We are never done but I love mine and they are not going anywhere.

Please keep us posted.
Yes but I don't know if you get the monoblocks does the output impedance lower or is it an issue?  

I'll call Kevin.  He was great about allowing me to upgrade even with the terrific price.  

I ordered some other PCC88 tubes today from Upscale.  Telefunkens and Philips.  I wanted to experiment.  I will keep you posted.
Not sure if this answers your question, but the output impedance spec is the same on both the stereo amp and the monos and that is "50Hz, 2.8VRMS <0.1Ω" according the the PS Audio website.
try the national matsushita pc88 from upscale.
they did wonders in my dac.musical paradise mp-d2 mkI
I had an all PS Audio set up as of last week....BHK 300 monoblocks, BHK Signature Preamp, and Directstream DAC. I purchased the system for my office in October 2017.... unbelievable sounds without the mentioned tube upgrade. I was driving KEF LS50's and the difference from my old rega integrated and parasound dac was night and day (as it should be considering the price difference).

Started feeling the heat associated with the monoblocks in April 2018 and decided it had to go in June. Everything but the monoblocks are gone.... I'm gong to try bel canto black.... All I can say is that I may be purchasing this same setup a few years down the road if I end up with a bigger office or my home setup happens. 

I encourage the upgrade wholeheartedly!

Good luck,