PS Audio BHK Signature preamplifier

Hi :-)
Has anyone heard this one?
And/or compared it with some other high-end preamps in the $5.-10.000 range?
I have Welborne Labs Star Chief 45 Monos and Avantgarde Acoustic Mezzo speakers (107 dB/(Wm)), and I'm now using a BAT VK-53SE preamp. I'm not sure of that running the BAT versus the SET amps brings the best out of the BAT.........
The BHK have got good reviews on SoundStage and audiophilia...........
Thanks :-)
I have a BHK Preamp with Pass Labs XA 160.5 mono blocks powering Focal Electra Be 1037 speakers. I have been very satisfied with the system synergy. The speaker-Amp combo was excellent and then I added the PS Audio Preamp last with reasonable expectations as it was so good already but it surprised me when it took my system to another level. Very Happy Now!

Exciting, thanks :-)
Do you use the standard Psvane tubes or have you replaced them with even better ones?
I have used Sonic Frontiers Line 2, Jadis, Quicksilver Full Pre, Oppo headphone balanced DAC Preamp and PS Audio HPA.

Really like the Quicksilver full pre but not balanced or remote so I added the BHK. The synergy was just right on with the BHK and Pass, extra special.


Thanks :-)
A top class preamp is always essential, that can really turn a medium gear to a top gear :-)
I used to have the Welborne Labs Star Chief 45's  as well very nice amps just not enough juice for what I needed shame they do so much so well 2wc wasn't enough for the 94db speakers I was using.  I had good results driving them with an AudioNote M3 preamp seemed to work really nice, the M5 or M6 should be in your price range and much better then the M3 was. Or find a M2B that's the sweet spot in the range ( lower range of course)  
Thanks for advice :-)
I have had a number of BATs (30, 31SE, 51SE, 52SE and now 53SE) and ARCs (Ref 3 and Ref 5) the last 10 years, and have preferred the BATs. My sources are balanced, so I would prefer to have that option for the preamp.
Anyway, I will test the PS Audio BHK during Christmas, so we'll see what happens :-)
But good to have other proposals for potential further testing :-)
As I wrote above, I think too many people overlook the importance of a high quality preamp.
well i probably should not be answering this as this is the one piece of PS gear i do not own. I have the BHK amp,  P10 power conditioner,  the DSD DAC, and the new and unbelievable DMP transport (best piece i have ever owned sonically when compared to its great predecessor the PWT).  So my feeling is that anything they make is great gear,  and a great value.  I would bet the BHK pre will beat anything in is price range and then some.
I have  NAS > Auralic Aries > PSA DSD DAC > PSA BHK PRE > PSA BHK 250 >  POLK LSI707 speakers (set of powercords, digital & analog XLR VoodoCables interconnects) 

Sound phenomenal to me. Also, I want to mention that PS Audio support is excellent and very very customer oriented. Responsive fast and they treat you like a king. 

Offtopic but if you decide to buy - I highly recommend Walter Liederman ( who I bought all equipment from. Really easy to work with and he is proud of the equipment he sells. 

By the way, I bought all my stack 'blind' without auditioning first solely based on internet reviews. I like the sound ) though a lot! 

I'll mention I'm in NYC and a PS Audio dealer as well.  I have bhk 300 Mono blocks and DS dac in for people to hear and will have the preamp in as well.  Triodepicturesound. The latest PS gear is a massive bargain.  Never heard my TAD CR1'S sounds as good.  
I have the BHK Pre along with the BHK 300 Monos, the DS DAC and the DMP Memory player. The Pre is excellent. Versatile too. 5 XLR/RCA inputs.
I have the BHK pre and BHK 250 amp.  Sounds fantastic with stock tubes but couldnt resist upgrading to the tubes to Tungsram PCC88 / 7DJ8 is both units.  After breaking in it sounded even better.
BHK pre am, BHK 250 amp, Rega RP6 w/ Ortofon black, Rogue audio phono stage, PS Audio DAC junior, chapman speakers.
So longbowbbs,

Between the BHK Preamp and the DMP, if you had to choose to keep one and let the other go, based on sonics which would you keep?
Hello all, thanks for interesting posts :-)
I have now auditioned the PS Audio BHK Signature for about a week, and I think it is an amazing good preamp. Actually, in my ears, and in my gear, it is the best preamp I have ever heard related to price!
It is so close to my BAT VK-53SE on many parameters, costing 40 % of the BAT :-O

It is inferior to the BAT on the following areas:
- Resolution (but only slightly)
- Bass extension (I assume it rolls of 3-5 Hz higher up than the BAT which goes VERY deep, I guess that for most loudspeakers this will not be noticed)
- Macro dynamics/slam
- Harmonic tone structure (if that is the correct English words to use), (noticed on piano, big string instruments etc)
- Soundstage depth (but only slightly)

The PS Audio BHK Signature preamp is a bargain and highly recommended! It sounds musical and natural, and presents all kind of music in an engaging way.
I tested the preamp with Mullard NOS tubes (1958), which was an improvement relative to the PSVANE standard tubes.