PS Audio BHK Signature vs Modwright LS100 preamp

Hi, does any body have experience comparing PS Audio BHK Signature vs Modwright LS100 preamps ? Theoretical opinions r welcome 2 
Hi, akiravelvet... not sure that LS-36.5 is better option.... no headphone stage, no 12v trigger, remote won’t control “on” and “off” function... comparing reviews is kind controversial...
Hi Folks
Im the proud owner of an Aesthetix Pallene. It’s paired with Belles Virtuoso power amp, Innuos Zen Mini and Panasonic CD player. (Denafrips Avatar Cd Transport soon to be) 
That combination runs my KEF R11’s which makes them sound great.
Ive had NAD integrated that ran a pair of Dynaudio Focus 220’s, so this was a massive jump in dynamics and clarity/detail. Lots of synergy between the Pallene and Belles.The info that I received from Asethetix was minimal on the Pallene, I just trusted in my hifi dealer. Also I had long listening sessions at AudioConnection Listening to Mimas Preamp section powered by a Belles power amp with VandersteenTreo CT’s. Sounded fantastic. Johnny R said the Pallene Preamp is taken out the Mimas.
So after trying out Prima luna integrated and SimAudio I decided to go with above said combo.
Johny R steered me right.

Hi  so-al, could you plz disclose Pallenes Output impedance? Does it have 12v trigger, headphone stage and dose it futures remote “on” and “off” function?