PS Audio DL3 signal input querstion

If I am running digital coax out of my DVD player into a DAC (PS DL3), do I want PCM or Bitstream set on my DVD player output..?

I have a panasonic bd85. Does it matter if the signal is 96k? Can the DL3 even accept that rate if so?

Set to PCM. The other setting for 96k does not affect the digital output.
I may need to rethink my second statement. I was assuming older DVD player, and this is Blu-Ray. Consult owners manual or try it either way.
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I just looked at the BD85 manual, and it sounds like the "off" position could output 96k, if the disc is encoded for this. I do believe the DL3 will only decode a 48k signal. Sounds like a question for Panasonic tech support.
The PS Audio DLIII will accept up to 192k over coax and optical and up to 48k with usb. Everything is then upsampled to 96k or 192k.
Ericjcabrera - can you share a quick impression of the 5910 audio both native and through the PS Audio DLIII? I'm curious how they compare.

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