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What is the most FUN pair of speakers you've ever had and why?
B&W DM 602sDriven by an Acurus A80, B&K Pro 5, and Cambridge Audio CD6. Interconnects were Nordost Black Knight, SC was Kimber. Right out of college, this system was dynamic, authoritative, and played at extremely loud volume with clarity ... 
Beginner Audiophile. How to chose a right amp? Recommendation for my setup?
I’ll second the PS Audio s300. I have one powering Monitor Audio PL 200s. It never runs out of steam - unbeatable, in my opinion, for the price (Around $1,000).Yes, you can get more refinement and air from other amps, but it will run your another ... 
McIntosh Preamps - Moving Coil Vs. Moving Magnet Input
Thanks for the feedback.I wound up with the PLX-1000 and 2M Blue. Question on load capacitance...The 2M Blue specifies 150-300pF and the C52 will cover that and more.Any thoughts on how/where to set it? 
Recommendation for an audiophile speaker cord that is not "bright"?
@audiozenology makes a great point. There is complex interaction among amp/speakers/speaker cable.I love Nordost interconnects (currently using Tyr 2), but have never had luck with their speaker cables.I’ve been using Audience AU24se speaker cable... 
McIntosh Preamps - Moving Coil Vs. Moving Magnet Input
Thank you very much for your insight. It’s very helpful.The gear I am considering is the Pioneer PLX 1000 paired with an Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge.Much appreciated.  
Best Integrated Amp to Pair with Audience "The ONE"
I realize this thread is old, but thought to add from my recent experience...I have a pair of The Ones and have used a Quad Vena and Nuprime IDA-16. Sources have been Bluetooth from Amazon Echo and a CD transport going into the digital coax on bot... 
Macintosh c52 with Bryston 7b3
I have been using a c52 for about a month. It's not running with a Bryston amp, but I did own a Bryston amp at one point.The c52 sounds huge. Enormous and dynamic. It's musical and articulate and a heck of a lot of fun to operate.The Bryston amp I... 
Low Volume Listening - XLR Cables ??
Circling back: I got a great deal on a pair of Nordost Frey 1 XLR cables. They seem to fit the bill nicely..!Thanks for all the ideas.(I ordered and cancelled the Mogamis, twice, when I was debating the Freys).  
Low Volume Listening - XLR Cables ??
@oldtiger Really interesting suggestion with the Mogami Gold. Absolutely worth a test drive. 
Low Volume Listening - XLR Cables ??
Thanks for the feedback all; appreciate the mention of Fletcher-Munson. I had to Google and read-up on that..!Length is .5m to 1m. 
Used audiophile preamp
I loved my Primaluna Dialogue Premium. Parts and build quality are excellent and the sound is "modern," full range.Made music from my Sonos listenable.  
AC Cables - Flexible and Small Gauge ?
Thank you @samac the Cullen cables look really interesting and are marketed as flexible.Much appreciated..! 
Which is better Coax or Optical cables
I've owned: Creative Cable Black Knight (coax), Creative Cable Green Hornet (coax), Nordost Valhalla (coax), and Audioquest Vodka (Toslink).The only one I still own, and continue to use, is the Audioquest Vodka. The price/performance ratio, in my ... 
Bookshelf speakers that sound good on a SHELF or SIDEBOARD
Awesome, helpful replies..!Thank you all very much. 
ECM Now Streaming
Yeah, it's up on Tidal. They have it all lumped under ECM.Pretty cool.