PS Audio Lab Cable Vs Shunyata

I want to upgrade power cords from preamp, mono blocks, PS Audio P600 Power Plant to wall. Interested in the PS Audio Lab Cable but have sceen numerous positive posting on Shunyata cords. Any experience with these two cords or advice? Which powersnake would you recommend? My price point is 400.00 per 6 foot cable.(used or new) Thank you any help is greatly appreciated.
Hi Robert8409, in the $400 range I assume you are talking the black mamba. The BM is sweet, dark and not as transparent as the PS lab cable. The cobra is much better than BM. I prefer Cobra over lab cable but cobra will be in the $600 to $650 range. The lab cable is IMO the best you can do for $400. Into the PS power plant I liked the lab cable over the cobra. Also check into FIM silver series PCs and ensamble. I have spent much time comparing PCs and if I can be of help just e-mail me. Good luck.
Just a qestion here but since the ps600 is pretty much your own power station is there any real need to use anything other then the p.c. provided to it? The power is going to be re-generated anyway you slice it as long as it is there and it has to be able to supply the max. rating or UL. wouldn't let them sell it with the unit. I could be totally wrong here so if anyone else could chime in I would like to know.
Hi No_money, I am not sure if I understand your question but the power plants respond to PCs just like all your other equipment does. Did I understand your ? It can be a big deal.
yes, but the power plant re-generates the power for a pure sine wave regardless of what was presented to it at the input so how does this work? It seems that no matter what you are going to see the same thing at the output. I understand p.c.'s make a difference, I have bought one for my c.d. player that does great but I did not see how the one between the wall and the PS600 would be relevent. If it is then it is, I was just wandering why. Thanks.
No-money, I share your wonderment, but I also trust my ears. I have a P-300 with a Harmonic Tech AC-11 to the wall. Last week I experimented with the Shunyata King Cobra replacing the Harmonic. For whatever reason it does make a difference to my sorrow. I have four other Shunyatas in my system: a Black Mamba to each power amp straight out of the wall and a Cobra from P-300 to preamp and a King Cobra to my SACD player. I am interested to hear that the PS Audio cable was preferred to the Cobra to the P-300. I shall have to try that because after hearing What the King Cobra did I want to do the best for the P-300. I can't explain it to you but I sure heard it. What these Shunyata cables do is amazing.
Allie, try a FIM gold PC, it is the best PC I have heard going into the PS power plant. I replaced all my KC and cobras with FIM PCs and the difference was not subtle. After hearing what the FIM did, I can't go back to the snakes.
Brulee I am glad to see you are still enjoying the FIMS, they truly are the absolute best in the world. I have the Accuphase Clean power supply, and yes the FIM between the wall and the unit makes a huge difference. I understand "no-moneys" and "Allies'" line of thinking, but trust me, it makes a huge difference. Think of it this way, the PS-Audio unit (and all units of this nature for the matter) do not MAKE or CREATE power, they only Manipulate it from one state to another. Now, if you think of it that way it becomes clearer. The better the power that you are to manipulate is presented, the better the output or manipulated power will be. I have a degree in electrical engineering. I don't say that for any sort of self glory, but rather to show that I do have some level of understanding your question and how to answer you. Best regards, Mike
Thanks Mikeam, that explains things for me.I am thinking of one of these for my next upgrade. I am currently using power wedge 116 but every one says this thing is better than any other "power product" out there.
Glad I could be of service. I would suggest you take a look at the exact power product @ It will provide up to 2000VA of clean power and it is much more efficient than the PS Audio gear. I will be using one of these units in my home theatre to power everything. It works like my Accuphae unit, but it is newer, uses a switching power supply and costs a lot less. Best regards, Mike
PS> When I said it is newer I was refering to the technology employed. Thanks, Mike