Ps Audio Now Recommending Audioquest

Recently went to Ps Audios website to check out there power cables(I own a perfectwave p5 cable). Instead of there brand of power cables, they have switched to recommending Audioquest. Just curious, are Audioquest power cables really that good? Seems odd for a competitor to recomend another brand's product. I use audioquest as interconnect and speaker cables in my system. Just curious on peoples thoughts about there power cables? Especially in the ~$1k range. Btw it would be used with a 300B SET amplifier.
I watch Paul’s almost daily YouTube videos. Not too long ago he discussed this. There was a time (quite a few years back I believe) that Paul was less than impressed with Audioquest’s line of cables, then tried their more recent offerings, and was humble enough to admit they were now much better than theirs. Not only their power cables but also their interconnects. Thus, basically said ‘if you can’t beat them, use them’.... yes, use and recommend them. And they do. He was surrounded by a big Audioquest box full of cables.