PS Audio power plants

Can anyone give me some feedback or info regarding the PS Audio power plants. I'm thinking of perhaps getting a P500 and am wondering if anyone can give me their experiences with these units(P300,P500,P600 etc).I am using a Pass X250(which is too much current for Power Plant),a Pass X1 preamp and a Classe CDP10 CD Player which I would connect to the power plant. If anyone has suggestions or advice regarding these power plants or any other power regenerators or conditioners, it would be most appreciated. Thanks
I've been running a P600 for over a year and love it. My Pass Aleph 4 (constant 500 watts) is the only piece not connected to it. I have my projection tv, Proceed MDT, Proceed AVP, satellite receiver and tivo all connected. I think it makes the tv look better and all the audio stuff sound quieter and smoother. any time of the day
I second Mg123's comments...I've had a P300 with multiwave for about two years, and love it. If you are only running front end components like preamp and CD player, you'll probably only draw 50-60W of power, which reduces the issue of power consumption and heat, which are frequently cited as the "negatives" of the power plant. Small price to pay, in my provides a very quiet, "black" background. When I first hooked it up, I could hardly tear myself away from my system.