PS Audio power plants

Can anyone give me some feedback or info regarding the PS Audio power plants. I'm thinking of perhaps getting a P500 and am wondering if anyone can give me their experiences with these units(P300,P500,P600 etc).I am using a Pass X250(which is too much current for Power Plant),a Pass X1 preamp and a Classe CDP10 CD Player which I would connect to the power plant. If anyone has suggestions or advice regarding these power plants or any other power regenerators or conditioners, it would be most appreciated. Thanks
I've been running a P600 for over a year and love it. My Pass Aleph 4 (constant 500 watts) is the only piece not connected to it. I have my projection tv, Proceed MDT, Proceed AVP, satellite receiver and tivo all connected. I think it makes the tv look better and all the audio stuff sound quieter and smoother. any time of the day
I second Mg123's comments...I've had a P300 with multiwave for about two years, and love it. If you are only running front end components like preamp and CD player, you'll probably only draw 50-60W of power, which reduces the issue of power consumption and heat, which are frequently cited as the "negatives" of the power plant. Small price to pay, in my provides a very quiet, "black" background. When I first hooked it up, I could hardly tear myself away from my system.
I love my P600. I found that i could run a big SS amp on it, because although the amp is rated for high power, at normal volume levels it does not draw that much power.

Also scroll through the archives at this site, you will find PLENTY of "threads" on the PS Power Plants -- almost ALL unanimously positive. My P300 w/Multi-Wave still remains one of the best audio purchases I've ever made. Denf
My P300 made a huge improvement in the sound of my system. I only have the front end running through it for a total of ~120 watts. My power amp is plugged directly in to the wall. Great bargain and upgrade!
Yes, a P300 is a very reasonable investment to add to your front end. If you want to protect and give some filtering to you amp and sub, get one or two Ultimate outlets. That will suffice and keep from having to spend so much on electro stuff. Take the money you save not buying a P1200 and buy some music.

you have got to, AND I MEAN GOT TO audition the Dezorel Mains Filters-they are way ahead of the PS in filtering specifications
Ecosse - P300 and any of the other PS products in this line, are NOT simply filters. They completely breakdown the AC from the wall to DC and regenerate a new 117VAC/60 Hz (or other) wave, selectable from a sine wave to other more complex shapes as chosen by the user. Unless I am mistaken, PS Audio is the only manufacturer of this type of product for audio use. Perhaps you refer to the Ultimate Outlets?
I have tried the DeZorel vs my Elgar medical grade regenerator. The Dezorel is one hell of a beast is all I'm going to say. It's just as good as the Clear Image T4--according to Lak. I will put up my regenerator for sale in eBay for I have very little use for it. I do not own a DeZorel. THey are different animals, as the DeZorel is a capacitor based filter.

I think regenerators are excellent for equipment such as belt driven TTs and televisions. Perhaps a passive device like the Richard Gray power company will perform better with other components. I'd be interested in knowing if anyone has done this comparison.